Monday, March 30, 2015

Links That Will Whisk You Away

Often in my email draft folder I keep links I believe you will enjoy and wow! So many had stacked up lately.

So here you go. Let me know the one(s) you enjoyed most!

Calling a Girlfriend -- Many of you will adore the old-fashioned whimsy and artwork of this.

Wonderland Photos --gorgeous photography!

Confessions of a Fed Up B & B Owner  --- What an eye-opener! Made me doubly glad Tom and I never followed up on those dreams of owning a Bed And Breakfast Inn. (Oh dear.)

The Truth About The Sound of Music Family -- find out what the movie got right and what they fudged on.

Grandma's Funny Obituary --- just for fun...

Goodwill Shopper/ Vince Lombardi's Jacket --- Tom and I have shopped thrift shops for decades and we're still waiting for this sort of thing to happen to us.  :)

Thunder Snow and the Meteorologist -- I may have already shared this, but it's worth another go around. I so enjoy watching people who love their job!

English Country Gardens-- be still my heart! Especially during this brown time of year.  (A very special thanks to my friend, Wilma, for this one.)


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mabeane said...

Tom must be coming home soon. Perhaps he would be so good as to bring warm weather with him!

Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

Too difficult to pick a favorite link....And I haven't quite looked at all of them, but fine them lots of fun in different ways...Thank you!

Dewena said...

Debra, I saw all the traffic from here this morning in my stats and had to see what was happening. My goodness, what a surprise to see the dear illustration that was actually an ad for an airlines but was the springboard to my idea for girlfriends talking.

Thank you so much! And thank you for giving me a chance to meet you here on your blog. I've bookmarked you and added you to my blogroll because I want to come back--once my housework is done for the day--and visit your other links as well as your other posts. Scrolling down through them I know that I will love them.

I love the way blogging brings an introduction in ways I've never expected. So nice to meet you.

Debra said...

Jan--yes! Tom arrives back home on Monday--yay! It would surely be nice for him to bring home the summertime weather he's been experiencing... :)

Kristi--I really appreciate your comment! No one else said anything specific about the links so I'd wondered if anyone had enjoyed them. Thanks for letting me know you did!

Dewena--it's a delight to meet you! Your latest posts made me smile and inspired me to be more whimsical. Thanks for visiting me here and for writing such delightful blog posts!

Thanks, Everyone! Blessings, Debra