Monday, March 16, 2015

And a Lovely Birthday Was Had By All

"Be still and know that I am God ... "  ... Psalm 46:10


Ahh ... it's been a warm, delightful birthday.

The sun gleamed through all these windows for a short, but appreciated while and I opened the front door and all the curtains wide and vacuumed and dusted and kept peeking at Facebook for sweet birthday messages which touched my heart and made me glad for friends.

I didn't even make my bed(!), but burned three new votives in the fireplace. Tom and I Skyped awhile then I re-discovered the oh-so-quirky show, Life, via Netflix, and watched some episodes which all seemed new to me because I am old now and cannot remember things. heh.

For the first time this year, I drove to Burger King and picked up a hamburger, fries and one of their just-the-right-size sundaes and as I drove home, my all-time favorite version of Somewhere Over The Rainbow played and I got all teary-eyed because of God's arranged timing and due to what happened to the singer and the way he sang that song.

After lunch I looked through my snail mail birthday cards and then yummy desserts appeared in the mailbox from Naomi. In 43 lovely, warm degrees I fed the birds and for the first time since the word 'selfie' became popular, I snapped pictures of me. After groaning about how much I've aged and how I look pretty good in our bathroom mirror, but absolutely decrepit everywhere else, I did conclude that hey! For a 56-year-old woman I could look worse. heh.

I played with the cats after giving them catnip which the UPS guy left today and then my other send-me-to-the-moon song, What's New by Linda Ronstadt began playing so I sat down at our table and listened with eyes closed and a big smile. I considered driving down the street to various shops, but really? I felt no place else today could give me what I find here in my own home. 

Later, Naomi called me and we talked and laughed and I thanked her for being sweet and thoughtful.

Mostly I've spent this day alone (but not alone-alone) yet I've felt especially loved and appreciated and isn't that how all birthdays should feel? 

In fact, it's been such a good day that I'm already planning on having another one very much like it tomorrow. Maybe I'll even make it to the shops down the street.  :)


A special thanks to each of you who wished me well on my special day!


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*Reading Between the Lines* said...

A very Happy Birthday Debra! One of my daughter's shares today with you for her 24th birthday. I also have a March birthday. :) Glad you had a good day. Thankful to to have Peace and Happiness in Him.
Take care,
Nancy in Montana

Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

So glad your special day was so full of happiness! May the rest of the year be so also!

Deborah Raney said...

Yay! Welcome to the world of selfies, Debra. :) I turn 60 this spring and I've been practicing that "hey! not that bad for almost 60" routine for a while now.

Again, I love your attitude about life. There's something so good about appreciating the little things, rejoicing in what we DO have and not worrying about what we don't.