Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Stuff. Just Stuff.

Last night Tom said he kept watching The Great Wall of Snow (did you see the photos?) from our car's rear view mirror. The wall followed him home so I took a picture of it from upstairs (how strange it must appear to neighbors to so often see arms stretching out of that window!):

Or here's a better photo which my friend, Roger, shared at Facebook:

Then finally this morning the wall absorbed us. And so it begins:

But thank-goodness we're due for only 7 to 10 inches rather than the 7 to 10 feet predicted for our southern neighbors! 

And oh, death is always sad, but these snow-related ones? They are worse. Why? Because 95% of them are avoidable. Needless. Gah.


Tom is currently, hours later, sitting at the tire shop waiting to have our snow tires put on. Sigh. Every single year I tell him, "Next November you need to have the snow tires put on before the snow flies."

Every single year he waits until after.

This year I'm not gonna say anything.  :)



Every rare, blue moon I like to try new things, so this morning I saw this photo with an article about warming a room this way: 

... and I did everything exactly the way they told me, setting it up in our new fireplace. "What could it hurt?", I reasoned.

Well. I didn't burn the house down (if that's what you're wondering), but the (freshly cleaned) flower pots gave off a strong odor. "Oh great," I said. "Maybe they were treated with some chemical and now I'm poisoning myself and the cats."

So I grabbed pot holders, removed the pots, turned on the ceiling fan and the bathroom fan, too.

So much for trying something new. heh. (But uh-oh! 'Nothing ventured, nothing gained' also rings true. Hmmm.)  


"Do not forsake wisdom, and she will protect you; love her, and she will watch over you."   ... Proverbs 4:6


Loved this article because, oh dear, I do know some unhappy people:

7 Habits of Chronically Unhappy People



Terra said...

Oh how cute to try the clay pot as a "warming furnace" and then to worry about the stench. You are wise to not say anything about the tires!

Bonnie said...

Glad you & Tom are okay. On Monday I skyped with my Dad and he said Buffalo was predicted to have 3' of snow and I said "Over night?...three feet?" No kidding. Yikes. They're 50 miles south of you so they weren't affected. I came home from work yesterday and watched the weather channel and checked with my husbands family who are in Amherst. They didn't really get anything til today, as you probably know. And then one of them woke up to their furnace not working. Yikes. That wall of snow that came over Lake Erie was something else, wasn't it. We'll be flying to Buffalo on Tuesday. Please put an order in for some clear roads, if you would. Were you there for the blizzard of '77 or were you in California then? It was bad. Dangerous bad, like this one. Enjoy your hot cocoa, Debra. : )

Robin in New Jersey said...


How close do you live to all that snow that we see on the news?

Unbelievable amounts of snow!

Debra said...

Terra-- I'm glad I tried it, anyway. heh. Nothing ventured,nothing gained, right? :)

Robin--We're over 20 miles away from all the wild snow. We live north of Buffalo and these past few years the snowfall has been reasonable. Thank-goodness and we hope it stays that way!

Bonnie--yep, in 1977 I was in California graduating from high school. But we did get *lots* of snow in that mountain community and a few years later, when Naomi was 3, we had 5 feet of snow in less than 24 hours. Crazy times there, too! But here north of Buffalo, in these past years, our snowfall has calmed down. I'm praying you'll have no problems in traveling to see your parents!

Thanks, Everyone! Blessings, Debra