Tuesday, November 18, 2014

If You're Picturing Us In a Snowbank....

So! Buffalo made the big time news again for its big time snow. Maybe you saw it.

But is that Tom and me? Are we buried beneath that white stuff? Nah. It's the South Towns. They practically get snow in the summertime so it's the same ol' thing for those crazies them, except November 18th is early.

Here's what Hobbit Cottage received Monday morning:

... and there's even less today, though yeah, it's windy and whip-through-your coat freezing out there. Yet how remarkable (still) to watch from my warm couch, the wind making silver waves upon the river:

So you can stop picturing Tom and me in a snowbank, ok? We're fine and plan on staying that way. heh. 


Oh! New Neighbor Sally and I had such a lovely visit this morning around my sunny glass-topped table while nibbling homemade banana pudding with blueberry muffins crumbled into it. (A dessert idea that mysteriously just appeared inside my head.)

How nice to have Christian neighbors. We almost never get those!  :)


Here's the late Lauren Bacall's Manhattan apartment. Oh my! Such large, bright rooms (though, er, a few too many white walls for my taste...)

Oh, and I won't tell you that Tom and I went and looked at the outside of a house I shared with you a year and an extra $20,000 ago. Most likely they rented it out this past year and are super-antsy to sell it now. It only recently appeared on the listings again.

(It still had leaves on the trees and felt much 'woodsier' and looked more its true age--old. Good things, those, plus an extra lot!)

Wow. From outside it was gorgeous, the online inside photos still capture out hearts and the new $69,000 price tag wows us. The problem? It's the polar opposite of the old (wise) saying: buy the worst house in the best neighborhood. 

Oh well.

But again, I'm not going to tell you we drove over there to see it. ha.  

(Hey. It's just what we do. Some people hike or go boating, but Tom and I visit estate sales and look at houses to possibly buy. Deal with it.)  :)



Elizabeth said...

Very nice looking house ! A good price too ! We are having record lows tonight ! Happy you have a Christian neighbor. We are blessed with those also !

Robin in New Jersey said...

I love that house! A house like that here in Jersey would easily for $250,000 or more!

When I heard the weather report this a.m., "Buffalo will get 3-5 feet of snow today!!!" I immediately thought of you! I can't believe you only got a dusting! It is freezing here today and windy.

Stay warm!

mabeane said...

I thought of you this morning, too. I glad you're only on the edge of it. Stay warm.

Pam said...

I have to echo the same comment--when I heard the weather report, I assumed you and Tom were buried in snow. So glad you're not fighting that battle today! Love the gray house. Charming inside and out. Sure seems reasonable, but you mentioned it's the nicest house in the neighborhood, so I understand your concern. I love two-story homes, but hubs and I have pledged that we'll only buy one stories since stairs are getting harder for us. Take care!