Thursday, November 20, 2014

Awww... Just Give It To 'Em

" ... lend, expecting nothing in return, and your reward will be great..."   ... Luke 6:35


Well, it's the time of year when it's too cold to venture outside so I return to the bookshelves surrounding my bed and, upon my knees, think grateful thoughts as I peruse books I bought in my 20's or last summer or some happy years in between. 

Four years ago I loaned At Home on Ladybug Farm to a friend and never got it back so ages ago, inside my head, I just gave it to her. And this morning I (finally) came downstairs and ordered another copy from Amazon (free because I'd earned gift cards by shopping with coupons). 

While at it, I ordered From The Ground Up because a different friend still had my copy and yeah, inside my head it's now hers to keep. I loaned my Roots, Shoots, Buckets and Boots to still another friend five or six years ago and perhaps someday I'll order another, but not now.

It's better, I think, to live this here, you-may-keep-it way. 

To not hold onto every single thing we ever buy, but rather, hold a "freely you've received, so freely give," attitude. Though ok, we do pay for what we own, but even so, when we keep a flow going, a coming in and going out rather than keeping every book (dress, figurine, necklace) we ever bought, well, life remains like a fresh water river. More of what's fresh and good keeps flowing in.

It never turns into a still, stagnant, smelly ol' bog that ruins everything within its murky depths. At least, I've found that to be so.

And I'm not just talkin' books here. But you knew that. :)


“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies, said Jojen. The man who never reads lives only one.” 
― George R.R. Martin

“You're never alone when you're reading a book.” 
― Susan Wiggs


Hooray! The Ladybug Farm series has new books. Maybe by the time I reread the first three, the latest two will be less expensive. heh. What a penny-pincher, yes, and also, this is one of those instances where--although I appreciate my Kindle Cloud Reader and these books are cheaper to buy for it--still, I'd like to have hold-in-my-hands copies for this series.

Some things just are the way they are.


Oh, and we've only had around 3 or 4 inches of snow here at Hobbit Cottage. Whew. Color me very grateful.

Robin asked how far away we are from the cities getting the huge amounts of snow. By way of example, we're 27 miles away from Lackawanna, one of the majorly hit towns...


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Elizabeth said...

You have the best attitude ! It is very true when we give freely we do receive. Glad you did not have all that snow ! Enjoy the days that you cannot venture out !

Debra said...

Thank-you Elizabeth! I'm glad we did not have all that snow, too. :) So far I'm enjoying the slowing down of my life because of our early winter here. So far. :)

Blessings, Debra