Monday, September 15, 2014

What's New Around Hobbit Cottage

Tom brought home this free pie rack stand from work so I placed it here for now. I can stack my current books beneath it and they don't take up any extra table space so gotta love that.

Some big news is that our back-and-to-the-right neighbors are building a humongous garage (with three gables!), making ours appear like a toy version, but hey. We're happy for them. 

Their driveway was so skinny,with the neighbor's chimney jutting out beside it, that they couldn't park in their original garage (which they're joining to the new one) so they'll be adding a new driveway on the other side of their house.

Do Tom and I even know these people? Uh, no. We're just watching and guessing at all this. It's a favorite game of people like us who have no life.  :) And ol' Debra got extra points for imagining that they'll create a man cave in the upstairs portion.

Oh and it looks like we're finally getting new neighbors in the grey house which you often see outside our windows:

For nearly a year that house stood empty, but on Saturday a group of happy young folks moved in a few items. I'm glad the house won't sit empty over another winter--it was sad on those dark mornings looking over there and seeing not one light in a window and knowing the rooms felt like ice.

Oh and guess who's having to discipline herself to keep from watching too much HGTV? I've found it to be much better than it was a couple years ago and I especially enjoy Flip It To Win It, Genevieve's Renovation, Love It or List It, Flea Market Flip and Property Brothers.

One thing I've had to be careful of (besides watching too much of this stuff)? Letting it make me dissatisfied with my own tiny house. So far, so good--most often I find myself imagining ways to apply these new ideas to Hobbit Cottage. And that is fun.


Oh, and I hope my last post didn't have you wondering if I was planning on turning into a Bad Girl.You know, with all the prison talk. No, what I meant was that if I ever, on a future day, get tossed into jail for defending my Christian beliefs, I want to live so that I'd not be blown away in my head by my new digs.

And with the way our Country is going? What I just said isn't all that far-fetched.


"Not that I am speaking of being in need, for I have learned in whatever situation I am to be content."   ... Philippians 4:11


Oh, and I was very touched by this Christian newscaster who had to report that his cancer is inoperable. It was sad, but courageous and a blessing.

He's now in my prayers.


Elizabeth said...

I love this view of your kitchen, so cozy and inviting!

Pam said...

I'm behind on my reading, and just finished reading your previous post, along with this one. The subject of contentment is fascinating to me. One of the best things about aging is having the chance to look back over one's life to review the good, bad and inbetween. At 60(plus), I know that more and bigger stuff doesn't appeal to me as it once did. Give me the simple, easier life! Speaking of simple, have you seen those adorable little homes that have become so popular? Reminds me of your cozy room.

Bonnie said...

Hey, do you think the introvert in you could take some cookies over to the new owners of the grey house? You never know! lol.

Debra said...

Elizabeth--thank-you! I'm liking my kitchen a lot more these days and it's fun being creative in there. :)

Pam--oh yes! I do love seeing those tiny houses and I've shared a few of them here in my blog. But awhile ago I realized I'm really not ready to super downsize like that. I like to *think* I am, but I'm not. :) But hopefully when the day comes to move into an even smaller place, I'll be ready (crossing my fingers).

Bonnie--aww... being an introvert should never keep a person from being friendly toward others. :) Our new neighbors aren't living there yet, but I'm thinking I'll do something for them when they do get there. :)

Thanks, Ladies! ... Debra