Saturday, September 27, 2014

Don't Keep It If It's Dead

"There's a time to get, and a time to lose; a time to keep, and a time to cast away..."  ... Ecclesiastes 3:6


I think when we moved to Hobbit Cottage I had 6 Fiestaware coffee mugs and two teacups with saucers. Now we, uh, have a few more:

...and some in the kitchen windows I've shown you too many times already and here:

Plus, inside a cupboard, there are five mugs which we actually use rather than just look at.

Oh my, right? Debra's gone a bit Fiesta wild. (Yet I love it so much!)

Here's the thing, though. I'm stopping the collecting. There's no longer room to display it comfortably and just a few more Fiesta cups--in my head, anyway--would hurl my whole house into this:

Oh dear. I don't want that.

So I must know when to say, "It's enough." And it doesn't matter that we have money to buy more. That's not what is deciding this, but rather, too much of anything will throw anybody out-of-balance and when you're lopsided in even a tiny, who's-gonna-notice area? Life gets nagging-uncomfortable, your conscience squirms, and Peace leaps out of windows.

I don't want that, either. 

So it's time to stop collecting and to even take another step--give away other dishes I no longer like. And, yes, books, also(!), because uh-oh! Upstairs is growing a bit book wild:

(The stack of books on the left is taller than I am)

... and ...

(Frankly, those are only the parts I'm willing to show you.)

Life contains a healthy flow and it involves releasing anything which used to be alive, but died along the years and anything that overwhelms, holds us back and tempts us, also. Tossing away dead things keeps us balanced and at peace and in the moving flow where we feel most alive.

And I do want that.


"He leads me beside still waters. He restores my soul. He leads me in paths of righteousness for his name's sake..." ...from Psalm 23


Tom and I watched Moms' Night Out this afternoon. Funny movie! Though, well, the beginning made me kinda insane. I kept telling Tom, "Ack! The battle is all in her head. She's making herself miserable. Can't she see that?" 

Took her awhile, but she finally saw it. Or began to.  :)

If you have young children--relax and enjoy them and this season, also! It all goes by so very fast, then it's gone... and a whole different season takes its place.



Terra said...

I like the happy colors in your Fiesta collection, and I am in the same place you are re collecting and stopping collecting. I like the word decluttering and how I feel when I give books, etc. away to new homes!

Linda B said...

I am unpacking boxes in our new home, after being in storage for over 2 years --- I needed this today!! Thanks, Debra!

Dolores said...

Great post Debra. I am constantly giving things to neighbors and Goodwill etc. but I still have tons more. Where does it come from? You can't appreciate the nice things you have when they are under tons of other things. I think our souls need room to breathe.

Pam said...

Another wake-up call for all of us! Recently, my daughter cleaned out her closet, only keeping what she likes most, and what fits best. We took many bags of clothing to a local charity and it felt fabulous! I've decided to stop adding to my collections, too. Enjoying simplicity.

Dana S. said...

My babies are all double digits now. If I let it, that can make me really upset, trying to do the impossible and get back time that has already passed. So I am trying to enjoy the awesome kids they are growing up to be, trying to engage them instead of just nag them about homework...and as far as collections. Oh my. Most of my stuff is inherited from grandmothers- it's stuff I feel I can only give away to family members. Most other stuff I buy I don't feel as connected to. Except for craft supplies. I kinda sorta hoard those...hummmmmm

Debra said...

Thanks Everyone! It's great knowing that I'm not the only one with collecting issues. heh. I enjoyed your stories! Blessings, Debra