Sunday, May 04, 2014

Why I've Not Been Here

"Debra's times--they are a changin'."


Looks like I've been on a vacation from blogging due mostly to incohesive thoughts all over the map. Literally, due to frequent viewings of Anthony Bourdain's Parts Unknown and subsequently feeling like the world inside my head is too small and perhaps my heart hasn't been inquisitive and understanding enough. 

Also, I've twenty springtime projects floating around inside said head, lots of them having to wait until Spring begins behaving itself here in Buffalo.

Plus, I'm feeling convicted to try new things, to go on a learning spurt, to burst out of my wintertime ruts (which are many). We did a tad bit of that yesterday when we traveled to yard sales and an estate sale (but bought nothing) then to the library in our former suburban town for their big annual book sale where, after only moments, I got that fluttery feeling inside again because of the crowded conditions, thousands of books and no reading glasses. 

Bought nothing there, either,yet does a woman with 700 books in her kindle cloud reader really need more? Hmm. Probably not. But as Tom said, "At least we were able to get you out of the house," to which I chuckled and said, "You make it sound like I had one of those weird diseases."

Then for the first time since last year, we went to see a theater movie where, while Tom was in the restroom, I bought us two lunch-like things from the counter, something I never do. The movie? The Amazing Spiderman 2, which we enjoyed (it especially helped that we re-watched the first one last week). But oh my..... what happened near the ending! Didn't see that coming and it took awhile for us both to recover. Alas.

The garden worms I'd ordered sat waiting at our mailbox so I had to immediately, in an icy mist, dig little holes for them all around my flower beds, adding lettuce for them to munch upon. Later I temporarily transplanted some sundrops (and white sedum that the Ebay seller gifted) which arrived in the same mail, but at least the mist had stopped by then.

And we've had more cloudy days in the past two weeks than in the nearly 3 years we've lived at Hobbit Cottage. And the challenge is to still think pleasant thoughts anyway.

My, my, my.

But I did want to check in with you and tell you a bit about where I am. Or where I'm not. And I'll be back. Of course.


And as I wrote at Facebook this morning for my friend, Kim, who'd run out of creamer:

 Oh! Do you have a Bullet mixer or something similar? Our daughter introduced us to this: Make a cup of coffee as usual and add almond milk or whatever you have on hand, vanilla, sugar (or Stevia), a pinch of baking cocoa and butter. Yes butter, like a teaspoon or more. Blend all this for a few seconds and oh! Who needs creamer? (I was a big creamer fan before.) Comes out even better than those expensive drinks at shops, even when you only use decaf as I do.

You can also do this with hot tea, instead. Naomi used a cinnamon/chocolate type and I found it wonderful, which is saying something big since I'm not a fan of tea, generally. Though lemon and mint types are kinda sorta ok.  :)

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Anonymous said...

Well, sounds like you have been busy. LOOKING is fun even if buying nothing...I often do that too.

Should be over helping at daughter's house today...but instead am shivering and curled up in recliner hoping the gut pain goes away soon.

Neat ideas on making yummy stuff to drink at home...have to share that idea with others.
Elizabeth in WA