Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Sometimes Trees Must Fall

See this beautiful tree in front of our house?

At this moment, they are chopping it down.


Now, the old, tree-huggin' Debra would be having a royal conniption fit right about now. You know, like she did back at Autumn Cottage when two neighbors behind her cut down their huge trees (can't believe my way-too-intense 'ballistic-ness' there) (and here). But this newer Debra? 

She's ok. And surprisingly ambivalent-leaning-toward-upbeat about it, which makes me a bad person in some circles. If you're in one of those circles, I hope you'll forgive me.

But, because the tree is gone?

My herb garden will get bright, not dappled sunlight.
Fewer small/medium branches will fall on our house and in our yard every time it's windy. I'll spend less time (and back-bending energy) picking them up.
Fewer big branches will wreck Paul & Robin's cars as they've done in the past (they must park there). Years ago, Paul asked the city to cut down that tree and either they finally came through, or Paul hired these folks.
The threat of the tree falling on our house in bad weather is gone.
The threat of branches taking out the power lines is past.
Fewer ice balls will go rolling down our roof.
I'll have thousands of fewer leaves to rake.
My room upstairs will have brighter light. (Love. Brighter. Light.)

I've tried to feel sad about another tree biting the dust, but it's hard because more good reasons come to my mind than bad ones.

Don't worry--we are still surrounded by huge trees. When you come across the bridge near our house, all you can see are tree tops as you look across our area. And if you're wondering, the tree shaded our house from only a little morning sun. That's all.

Sometimes a tree just must come down. 

And sometimes, things happen that we wish hadn't, but rather than fume and make ourselves sick with bitterness, we must just accept that, in Life, we're in control of so very little and we seldom understand The Big Picture. What becomes important is to remain at rest, at peace, with God. And move on. 

And maybe I'm finally grown-up enough to realize that.

R.I.P. pretty tree.


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Terri Cheney said...

To everything there is a season...even to trees.

Anonymous said...

We bought a place once on the West Coast (technically in the rain forest area) and we LOVED those TALL trees in our yard (some as high as 150-200 ft. tall)...heh...oh man, but could the wind blow there and during wind storms (sometimes the wind would get 85 mph) we PRAYED like crazy that GOD would keep those trees STANDING...and HE did...not for our neighbor however...sorta split their house in half there for awhile. So yes, there is a time to cut trees. We had a professional come out and top a lot of the worst ones. We probably had at least 45-50 trees on our half acre lot. That sure cost us a lot. Well, life is for learning...we never bought another place with trees quite like THAT!!
Elizabeth in WA