Sunday, November 11, 2007

In Memory

See this gorgeous tree?

It lives and shines and breathes no more.

This week, our neighbors murdered this tree in our window. Destroyed it. Had a hundred years hacked down, shredded, over a few hours.

I was devastated. And more glad than ever that we are moving away. And hopefully, never again will we live so close to others that they can tear down trees which feel like our own. Trees just feet away. Trees waving in our windows. This is the second time within one year that this has happened--this tree's sister was murdered in the next yard beside it months ago.

But it was worse this time, because this was the tree which greeted me in my Tower Room window upstairs. Waved to me and smiled. But it is gone now. Forever.

And it cannot be replaced.


P.S. And no... the tree wasn't sick. It was just as gorgeous and healthy as ever.


Jammie J. said...

Oh no!! I'm so sorry. I love our trees, even when they trim the ones in our neighborhood I feel all sad. I was devastated when 8 years ago the community I lived in chopped down the tree in our front yard. Horrified to come home to a stump! It was "common area" so they didn't have to tell us, but it was just so sad. They said the roots could possibly damage the sidewalk so they were doing preventative maintenance. :( I still am sad over that, I don't even live there anymore.

I say all that just so you know that I feel your pain and I understand. :(

Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

Debra, how sad, how sad. There were some wonderful old oaks in our neighborhood and they were cut down by a wacko owner. We miss them still.....

daisymarie said...

This is something that breaks my heart as well. I have never been able to understand this behavior. Our neighbors did a similar thing this summer and the landlord cut one of our trees as well. It makes me want to own my own land and just fill it with trees.

R said...

That is truly awful.

Judy said...

Do people not KNOW that trees are good for the environment? Raking is good exercise?

I believe it will be very soon that I will be singing "They paved paradise and they put up a parking lot." Although, our old trees had ash borers, so they truly did have to go. But not the rest of it.

I will always remember how those bright yellow-leaved trees light up everything near them like a golden torch in the sky.

What's not to love about that?

Anonymous said...

Oh, I would be absolutely heartbroken. I still grieve over my home that was sold 17 yrs. ago in Phila. I had beautiful blue spruces that could be seen from the upstairs windows as well as a purple flowering plum. Within the year, the new owners cut all of them down. Next it was a huge white hybrid azalea at least 30 yrs. old and an object of compliments every spring...gone and replaced with cement and plastic chairs.

Wilma said...

Wow, I am so sorry about your "neighbor tree". It is shocking that somoneone would take down a healthy, mature tree. We have some not so healthy (and not so pretty) trees in our front yard, we hesitate to take them down. The amount of time it takes for a tree to grow to maturity -- such an investment. The shade, the homes for squirrels, birds (and unfortunately, termites!), those are things not to be destroyed lightly. Sometimes people are very hard to understand. (However, I like your next post about looking for good, you are right, it is out there!)

smilnsigh said...

I read this yesterday, but it was too sad to comment on. I'm stronger today I guess, cause I can tackle it.


And the thought I had was.... and now your lovely window view will have the Ugh view of a roof and a yard and maybe some power lines, showing beyond the roof. Ugh!!! -sigh- Instead of the lovely lines of the tree.


Vee said...

Oh no! I am sorry that you've lost the beautiful view that you had in your tree. As much as it will live on in your memory, it's not the same when you can't see it just beyond your windows.

Wonder why your neighbors would do such a thing...

P.S. I should explain that I am here via Daisy Cottage.

Anonymous said...

That is devastating for you I know. I remember not too long ago my aunt wanted to do the same to a gorgeous tree that hanged ever so beautiful over my parents grave. But us siblings would not have that.
May you have just as stunning
tree (s) where you move ;-)

elizabeth said...

We have found that each time it is time for us to move again...somehow things happen to make it easier for us to do so. Strange it is necessary but for us I guess it must be! Sorry for your disappointment...we love trees too.

mysophia said...

All I can say is what the hell is wrong with people, the owner over here did the same thing, these people must be walking around with blinders on. So sorry, sorry tree just shocking to see a lovely tree like that lives no more.

Anonymous said...

Dearest Debra ~ I'm so sorry to hear about the *murder* of that GORGEOUS tree. It makes me so angry!!!! I literally cry when I see a healthy tree being cut down.

I was heart-broken to hear about your Dad. I know the pain you are going thru. I'm glad to hear that your Mom is getting back on her feet and snorkeling.

Take care, friend!