Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Morning After

Oh my! Twelve inches of cold, blowy snow fell upon us. What an adventure! Tom's boss released everyone 4 hours early when the driving advisory (no unnecessary traffic) went into effect and very few accidents resulted because Buffalonians know to stay home when told--and ok--over 900 schools and businesses were closed so there weren't all that many places to go. :)

Two teens offered their shoveling services so we paid them a king's ransom, but it was worth it, making it easier for me to shovel (a couple paths)over the day's remainder. Plus, we do enjoy sowing money seeds where we can, especially to young entrepreneurs. Neighbor Mike still had plenty to shovel when he arrived home, late, so we'll pay him, also, and thank God for His amazing seed principle provision.

We watched Spiderman by way of Netflix since we'd not seen it in years. That's the one good thing about aging: you forget so much of what you watch that it's all like new when you see it again.

Anyway, today is another gloriously sunny one and you know? I'm thinking Hobbit Cottage must be enchanted/blessed/existing on a whole other plain because these past 2 1/2 years have been sunnier than I ever recall them out at Healing Acres or Autumn Cottage.

                Hmm. I'll take it, treasure it. Just keep pouring the sunshine through my windows and I'll be fine, even in winter, for Springtime is a condition of the heart, after all.

And I would begin growing seedlings in here, except that our sneaky cats would eat or dig in them and we do not have enough doors in this place. Only two real, cat-proof interior doors in the entire house! So I'll wait for bits of warmth and then plant seeds in pots upon the garage shelves which Tom ran across the window, greatly annoying me at first until I realized their seedling value.

"Be slow to speak and quick to hear" (especially when hearing from God.). I'm still working on those.


Every single person who came in and out of your life is part of your "experience"... for a reason. Even battles can be turned into lessons!

When changes you, he changes your perspective about the past.


Oh, and if you occasionally see odd, unfinished posts here at my blog, just ignore them. I'm currently changing that too light, too small font of my ancient posts so that we old folks can read them more easily, and well, sometimes I've accidentally published draft posts which were never meant to be seen by other eyes than mine. :)


Hmmm.... Maybe I will consider publishing a book from my former blog posts. Perhaps divide it into two parts: My Sane Suburb Years and The Frantic Farm Years. Or maybe, in the center, include a quickie 'palate cleanser': Our Tiny Apartment Months.
Stay tuned.
(And something wild? My entire blog, printed out, would be nearly as long as War and Peace(!) Or perhaps longer--the math is complicated. heh.)


Anonymous said...

Just heard this AM that my friend up in Northern NY already has 16 new inches!! So you can be grateful you did not get 16!! It is pretty...and as you say, you were able to help out several by paying them to shovel the stuff!!

Been up most all night with hubby...we are sick as dogs...argh, gets tough as we age!!
Happy housebound activities to you,
Elizabeth in WA

Dolores said...

Are you serious about the book thing? I want the first copy, even if it costs $100.

Debra said...

Elizabeth--oh dear! Do take it easy and feel better soon.

Dolores--you are too sweet! If I do ever publish a book, I want to do it in a way that is very, very affordable to others. If I can give the things away somehow, I'll even do that. :) Thank-you!

Blessings, Debra

Bonnie said...

Thoughtful of you to think of the font color. I gave up reading womens magazines years ago. When I was younger I never noticed how often they'll use pastel print on white background just for aesthetic reasons. : /

Thanks for that uplifting post yesterday, regarding...well...everything.

My father says the same thing as you about your weather: as long as the sun is out, I'm okay with the snow. He is generally a content man. We will fly your way on Saturday morning so I will wave as we head from the airport, south! About 6:00 your time. Sorry about your blizzard. Dad said it was pretty bad. Not so bad south of Buffalo. Blessing to you, Debra!

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures of your snow, especially since it never snows in our neck of the woods. Thanks. Joyce