Thursday, March 20, 2014

In Honor of Springtime

"Don't bemoan the sad state of the world. All around you there are things that need to be done. So do them." ...Patty Shaner


Never do I tire of old photos from my backyard of Autumn Cottage and since we must wait much longer for real Springtime here in snow country (so why complain?), I will stare at these photos on Spring's first official day, and recall how Grace must have done the majority of the work and creative stuff, because alone? No way could I ever have created anything this lovely. Without God and Grace, I'd have had disaster and a sad, bad back.

And now I dream of making something similar here at Hobbit Cottage, but poor ol' Grace this time! Oh, she will need to carry the heaviest load, for I'm 14 years older and (*&$%#) pounds heavier and way more out of shape than when we began this big project so long ago. (Debra says while hanging her sorry head.)

Yet--with God-- and all things being possible, I'm thinking at least a version of this pretty yard could happen. Something not exactly like what I had, yet a yard which will make me feel the same magical way. (Too often we become all grieving and write-off Life because some good times--and people-- are gone, when really, we could still experience new feelings and amazing times via a new way.)

Although I'm no longer in my Enchanted Forties (as I call them), still, God and Grace keep me cheered and strong even with all the world's bad news and dreadful people and downward spiral. Even amongst all that, the world spinning inside my head and heart still looks good and hopeful. That world still believes this lady of 55 can complete a few more godly dreams before she is whisked away to heavenly, to-die-for gardens where she'll putter forever, but never tire nor run out of new ideas.


"What are you focusing on, the size of your obstacle, or the size of your God?"

 Mar 17
"A bad attitude is like a flat tire. If you don't change it, you won't get very far."
Oh! If Springtime isn't cooperating where you live, here is something which will make you smile, anyway. (Thanks again, Ann!)

Don't Send a Man To The Grocery Store

Happy Springtime to all my readers!


Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

I remember that delightful garden! And I might have seen it in a similar time of year. Certainly I remember the forget-me-nots in flower.

What I know: Every place and time (and age) can have its own beauty which we have to find. And I'm going to turn 70 my next birthday, so, Debra, you have youth on your side!

Long live the Hobbit Cottage Garden!

Debra said...

Kristi--yes! And I'll always remember how, when we walked back there that afternoon, fifty (or so) birds arose in flight, wings fluttering and it became A MOMENT. Something I've never forgotten, as is true with the rest of the day with you and Paul. I'm so glad we spent that day together and you're so right about *finding* the beauty in our years. I've been thinking about the whole 'seeking' thing this morning, so perhaps my next post will reflect that?

Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts! Hugs, Debra