Friday, March 14, 2014

Pre-Birthday Thoughts

It's weird (but not weird) that always a couple days before my birthday I find myself wandering around the house feeling numb and in a type of don't-wanna-do-anything stupor after 16 weeks of (un)official winter.

If you live in snow country, you understand that. If you don't, then you, well, don't.

So maybe this strange it's-nearly-my-birthday zombie state actually makes sense, especially since my birthday always falls in the middle of March. (Funny how that happens. ha!) 

And I must really be getting old because--when I was young--I always wanted to, on my birthday, go out and do something special, but now? My highest desire is to stay in and do nothing at all.  

Okay, okay.  When we celebrate tomorrow (rather than on Sunday) we'll (after I go grocery shopping) order-out for Chinese? Chicken Fingers? and watch a movie here, which falls dangerously close to do nothing at all, even to me, who finds educational and spiritual value in everything.

Update: But oh! I re-checked our local theater and the movie, Non Stop is playing there, after all. (Oh, these senior eyes of mine...) So maybe we will venture out to the theater, something we've not done since long ago last year.

Or if I was a party-loving person, we'd fill the house with people, but that's not who I am, so pretend instead of being real?

Anyway. These are not complaints! No, no. They're simply observations from a woman growing another year older on Sunday.  

But whatever the celebration, it will be perfect because I know who I am and what I want(as it should be when one reaches her mid-50's) and I want less and less as I grow older and closer to the One who makes all days equally memorable. And that's what matters most.


My most longtime readers will not believe this. 

No, you will not. 

But after saying for years I had no interest in writing a book, last night I began writing my Great American Novel. Well, my own personal 'letter to the world' in book form, anyway.

The time just feels right (God's timing is everything) and Grace is here, helping.

I opened up a new blog, one readable only to me, and began culling posts from As I See It Now which fit the criteria I'm seeking for my book--posts which tell a story and contain humor, whimsy, relevance and encouragement that, with God, Life is still something incredible.

This will take weeks. Months. So no one go holding your breath, ok?

We'll see how this goes and if it's a God Thing or a Debra Thing. And Heaven help us all if it's only a Debra Thing.



Whatever your 100% looks like... give it!

To God, there is no such thing as a "small detail." To Him everything is important.

When you require nothing more than the approval of God to be obedient to God, you are truly free.”


Miss Dishywoo said...

Isn't there something wonderful about knowing who you are and what you like? Happy Birthday.

Anonymous said...

Wow, sounds like a pretty big celebration to me!! Yea, I used to want to go do something when I was young...but in old age, just a good meal is more than sufficient. Which might mean making it myself!! I HATE spending hard earned dollars on meals that make you wish you stayed home. Finding it harder than it used to be, to find truly great food when eating out. Of course, now we are in Seattle area, the choices are greater!! Have a happy birthday, whatever you do!
Elizabeth in WA

Pam said...

Happy Birthday! Tomorrow morning, I will lift my coffee cup and say, "Cheers to Debra!" God knew what he was doing when he breathed life into you...and now you give back to so many of us. May this be a grand and glorious year as you continue your journey with Him! I get to celebrate my big 60th on March 23rd.