Monday, March 31, 2014

Not As Young As I Used to Be. But That's Ok.

I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength."   ... Philippians 4:13


That small window in Time! The one in which Tom and I crawled through in order to live on a farm before we grew too old. Wow. I saw it again so clearly today as I reread blog posts from our Farm Days.

The writer did not even seem to be me.

I kept thinking, "Who is this woman who could walk over a mile to the tiny town library and 50's diner? And then return home and put up a bit of wallpaper, poke around in the garden, sweep the kitchen and then make dinner?

Where did she go?

All I know is that she only left a specter of her former self, one which now walks around the block and--as she nears her house--looks like the perfect picture for a child's dictionary entry about hobbling. And who, afterward, crawls up the back steps and throws herself into the nearest chair until she recovers.

A pathetic specter, indeed, but at least she has hope of reclaiming some of what this past winter's laziness, especially, took from her. :)


All that reading of those farm days and what with today's Springtime-in-the-air weather (seriously, it's awesome)--I've decided to take on some more projects here. In fact, already this morning I hung some new white curtains in my bedroom, even had to hang a curtain rod. It only took me 2 1/2 years to decide on white curtains. Hmm. 

And remember when I shared this magazine photo with you, saying it was inspiration for future plans for a tiny closet guest room?

Weeks ago I decided I'd use striped wallpaper along the side walls and then paint the ceiling a light blue. So here's the wallpaper I ordered from just moments ago:

Loved,  loved this.

And since Naomi will visit us the last week in April, I have just enough time to attempt this project. A guest room for her? No, one for me. This is the way I want it--my own cozy 'secret room.'

All of this will probably take me twice as long as a six-year-younger Farm Girl Debra would have taken, but you know? That's ok. What's important is that, as we age, we keep doing what we can, even at a slower pace and on a smaller scale. God's dreams for us shouldn't be tossed, but rather, tweaked as needed. His way.

And even more importantly--we need to seek Grace's ideas and methods rather than our own. Grace is one smart lady who really knows how to get a job done, no matter what our age or how much hobbling we must do to complete it.


"The greatest work you will ever do will be within the walls of your home. - Harold Lee"

"Life isn't about waiting for the storms to pass, it's about learning how to dance in the rain!"
 Mar 30
"Seeds of doubt will never grow dreams." -


Small opened windows... how tragic to not crawl through the ones meant just for us!


Terra said...

Oh girlfriend, I am with you on this aging thing, and being a shadow of my former self, and yet keeping busy. I still exercise in a pool 3 x a week, which is good for body and soul.
I LOVE that wall paper you chose, with its dainty flowers.

Anonymous said...

Very pretty wallpaper...sounds like your room will be very nice!
You are right about aging. Hubby and I cannot believe how we have felt this past month. We are not old, but we sure have a much better idea as to how much pain some of our older friends are in from arthritis. One must work smarter, rather than harder. And expect things will take longer...but why rush right? IT is nice NOT to have to hurry much anymore...being retired is nice in that way!!
Elizabeth in WA

Yellowhouse Grandma said...

It doesn't matter how slowly we go as long as we do not stop. - A. A. Milne

Debra said...

Terra--oh, a pool! That is the very best way to exercise. You are blessed!

Elizabeth--working smarter rather than harder-- definitely one of my favorite sayings and one I must remind myself of more and more as I age! :)

Linda--love that saying! Thanks for sharing it with us. That Winnie the Pooh knew everything, didn't he? :)

Thanks, Ladies! ... Debra