Monday, March 03, 2014

A Free Bible, Twitter and Going Complain-Free

"In all these things, I have learned to be content..."


Oh! Be still my tendency-toward-addiction heart.

Why this took so long for me to do, I don't know but, last night, I added a free Bible to my (free) Kindle Cloud Reader and I've found an addiction which I think God would say is just dandy.

What is it? I pick a book from my new Kindle Bible and read it through, adding yellow highlights to the verses which speak to me most. Then after I've finished that specific (short) book, I return to all those highlighted verses, but clicking on the Notes feature this time. Then I proceed to write my own notes about those verses, you know, things I've already learned and whatever else God presently shows me (including reminding me of similar verses elsewhere). I continue this note-taking until I've finished the book again.

Wow. This feels more like a game than normal Bible study. Love it.

I only wish I'd thought of it sooner.


So I'm loving Twitter. I'm tweeting sentences from my past blog posts, rewording them to be tweet-size, spreading seeds for anyone who'll gather them. Plus, it's a joy to return to my 'favorites page' and meditate about the incredible truths other people have tweeted. Here are two, for instance:

"Vulnerability keeps you teachable - Authenticity keeps you believable - Transparency keeps you open - Grace keeps you compassionate!"

"You haven't even come close to greatness until you've attracted critics."

I believe life-changing truths exist wherever we go, but we'll only discover them when we expect to find them. What do you expect to find today online?

Want to follow me at Twitter? Look me up @DebraL13.

Is Twitter wildly confusing? Yes, it can be, but don't give-up! Slowly I hacked away at the confusion and found the fun ... and the mission field. (And as an aside---why do we become all shocked, offended when the mission field is full of ill-behaved, swearing, clueless people? They need the God we're sent out to share, hence, that's why they are the way they are.)


So in January I determined to make this my Complain-Free Year and ok, I've slipped a hundred few times, but oh! This not-complaining-as-often has felt magical. Put more energy into creating Springtime of the heart (and home) than into complaining and 24/7 contentment happens.

Trust me. This is the first March 3rd, ever, that I've not been woefully whiny about Winter and antsy for Spring (and I've got lots of woeful blog posts of past winters to prove it.).

Spring will be pleasant, yes! But life at Hobbit Cottage is pleasant now, already. And it's wonderful to realize that.



"The fields are ripe unto harvest ... "

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