Friday, October 18, 2013

The Shows Grace Lets You Watch.... Or Not Watch

“Just as the sinner’s despair of any hope from himself is the first prerequisite of a sound conversion, so the loss of all confidence in himself is the first essential in the believer’s growth in grace.” 
A. W. Pink
(Oooooo what a quote!)

So where's ol' Debra been?

She's been lolling away on The Red Couch while watching myriad episodes of Disappeared.

But here's the odd thing. Last Spring, I placed Disappeared on our Netflix instant queue, watched one episode and got a little freaked-out. Sad, shaken. It even haunted me a bit while lying in bed that night.

Well, I'm no fool. When that happens, I've learned that Grace is giving me a big, fat,  "No. Don't watch that. Not now--and perhaps--not ever." So I removed Disappeared from our queue and moved on with my life. heh.

But fast forward 6 months and there I was at Netflix searching for something that felt just right (like Goldilocks) and poof! Disappeared appeared again. But this time I didn't feel Grace breathing down my neck to avoid this show so I watched an episode and ...

... no eerie feelings. No creepiness inside my head and no awakening late at night.

Instead, I found myself praying for these poor people who'd lost a loved one, praying for the missing woman, herself--and--reminding myself that although I'm having a happy little life, not everybody else is. I need to grow in compassion and never forget that not everyone knows that only seeking God with all their hearts will fill their heart's emptiness. 

I need to remember all that and pray, believing prayer--and God--changes things.

What a difference! And since? I've probably watched 15 episodes of Disappeared, have done a heck of a lot of praying for all those people and have never felt so much inner peace in all my life.

Grace. I want her timing, her advice, her direction. Nothing else and certainly not 'my will be done.' Uh, no. I want Grace, Grace and more Grace. That's the kind of life I have chosen to live and the one that's changing everything.

My autumn flowers remind me of children who spent the entire day at the beach, but have returned home oh so tired--but happy.

See to it that no one fails to obtain the grace of God; that no “root of bitterness” springs up and causes trouble, and by it many become defiled."   ... Hebrews 12:15

Oh outside! It's a gleaming, blowy, golden, nippy-but-invigorating autumn morning. 

hope it's the same at your house.

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Rosemary said...

Debra, the way you describe your autumn flowers in this post just delighted me. So poetic and whimsical!