Monday, October 21, 2013

Dreaming of Houses. (Yes, Again.)

"Behold, I have set before you an open door, which no one is able to shut..."   ... Revelation 3:8


Because I'm so organized (not) I've found myself outside in the blackness which is 5:45 in the morning, with a flashlight, always scaring away a bunny, bringing in tomatoes to slice for Tom's sandwich for work. There's something silly, but kinda cool about that.

Life is autumnal-ly lovely at Hobbit Cottage even though this weekend Tom and I discovered our dream basement online, making us hate our out-of-control current one more than usual.

Here's that amazing basement, just four streets from us:

Can you imagine?! Sigh.

Well, we discovered an open house would be held there on Sunday and Tom thought I'd be excited, but I told him, no. "It's my dream basement," I said, "but it's not my dream house. I saw my dream house weeks ago and we couldn't buy it."

I've still not quite shaken that house:

So we scanned the photos again of the (all updated) Dream Basement House and chose some ideas which we could incorporate at Hobbit Cottage. And that's what we'll probably do--stay here and tweak a few things starting next Spring.

I've visited this place in my head before. 

It's a place where I must set a dream down in the road and watch it die because my common sense knows it's the right thing to do. All while my emotions whine like spoiled brats.


Yet what I've found in my 54 years? God only gives me dreams worth having and those dreams come true. I can laugh now about the 87 dreams I yearned for in my younger years, but would have been disasters/disappointments/laughable if they'd actually happened.

God knows best. He really, really does and I want only what He wants for me because only that will work out fine. Such has been my mantra lately whenever my heart tip-toes back over to that house of my own (but not God's) dreams.


Here's the yard of Dream Basement House. Kinda sweet, right?


Bonnie said...

You said it, Debra...."Emotions whine like spoiled brats." I still think it's odd at my age that I can let emotions have so much control. Here's to a peaceful house-mind for you. ;)

Anonymous said...

Yes the "dream basements" house does have a sweet front yard. Let's face it there is no perfect house...anywhere. I knew a contractor's family who built a house, lived in it then sold it and built the next. Each time they added or subtracted things that did or did not work out. They never did find the perfect home even though they built many a home and designed all of them themselves ! Even though they started with what they thought with that very first home was "the perfect" home they kept changing it. Also what is perfect for us at 30 is not at 60 years of age...and so on and so on. Yet isn't it fun to look! :-) If that were not so we wouldn't have so many home magazines on the news stands either! :-) { I know I own a stack of them!!! } The only perfect place is going to be Heaven. Sarah