Wednesday, October 23, 2013

My Annual Autumn Photo Walk

Well, taking annual Autumn photos is one thing you cannot procrastinate. I remembered that again yesterday when I went out walking only to spy many leaves already upon the ground. 

But in my defense, our wet summer turned many leaves brown and they began falling in August (don't I know it. I mowed zillions of them.). And hey, that's hardly my fault, procrastination or not. :)

But still, some pics came out nicely, like this one above, what with its Leave It To Beaver garage and overgrown greenery. I've lived in this Buffalo area for 20 years and never have I wearied of the vintage-ness of Life back here.

Even if I spied Beaver Cleaver, himself, walking along that fence with a stick jingling the chain links, my eyes wouldn't widen one iota. I take my walks expecting to see such things here. 

At 16 I lived in California and I could show you the very spot where I wrote in my diary that I belonged Back East, even though I'd only visited there by way of books. Always, I'll be thankful that, although it took another 18 years, God made that dream come true.

Some dreams require years, but God's timing is perfect when we place our lives into His hands. And we hardly even notice the passage of those waiting times when, all along, He means more to us than any dream out there. 

At least, I've come to see that.


See this tiny house?

It's just around the corner from us and is even smaller than Hobbit Cottage. They've been working on it and I think it's adorable, especially for just two perfectly contented people. Or maybe only one of those. heh.


Here it is October 23rd and we've not even had a frost yet, nor have Tom and I used our main heater (though today might be the day). The times, they are a changin'.



Elizabeth said...

Love this post Debra! I know exactly what you mean about knowing you belonged there, I have always had that feeling about New England, maybe one day I will get there!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos...thanks for sharing. Well, I figured out one thing this past 6 months...I have grown so accustomed to living in GREEN. trees that is...and all my life I have preferred evergreens. Either coast is ok. Looks like we will be living part time on both coasts for awhile anyway...more travel than ever before in my life.
What can you do with children and grandchildren on BOTH coasts?
Elizabeth on the way back to NC

Bonnie said...

Very pretty. The cottage around the corner is sweet. Skyped with my Dad this afternoon and he said they had a pretty good dusting of snow when they woke up! Last week I received my annual envelope of WNY fall leaves. (am I repeating myself? lol) They sit on my kitchen table. They're like a hug from my parents. And good news here....our daughter in law is pregnant. We're going to be grandparents!