Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Back to Normal. Back to Creativity.

Aww, I'm over it. You know, wanting another house.

Every once in awhile we each go all frenzied about something, and well, I had my turn. And I needed to allow myself to feel those feelings, lest I end up like the folks from hoarders shows, those who accumulate stuff rather than face (and feel) facts, those who travel around rather than through Life. 

Besides, I'm feeling no grace to move again (maybe God designed moving to be such a Big Hairy Deal so people won't do it all the time?) and no grace to fix up a 4th house here in New York. At least not now. Not yet.

So after a 2-day hike down bunny trails, I'm back to walking through Hobbit Cottage, scribbling notes about how I can be more creative with a paint brush around here and make things more comfortable for us both.

I can do that, especially with good ol' Grace's help.

And a special thanks to Jesse Duplantis for his Facebook post this  morning:

"No matter how good something looks, if it isn’t from God, it’s not for you. The best path is the one that God chooses for you to take, and if you just follow His instruction, using the Word and the still, small voice, He will never steer you wrong. Your job is to trust in the Lord, to stick it out when you feel like quitting and finish your course with joy."

My, my, my..... quite fitting, indeed! (Don't you love it when God uses someone to nicely tell you to knock it off?) :)

And I do thank each of you who left understanding comments.... you really do get it!


To a friend I'd given away Sleeping At the Starlight Motel: And Other Adventures on the Way Back Home and yesterday my replacement copy arrived. If you like quirky and eccentric, you'll love this. I've probably read it 6 or 7 times in the past few years, as well as Mama Makes Up Her Mind: And Other Dangers of Southern Living.

Jewels, both.


It's a new month so be sure to check for all the new coupons out there!


Speaking of hoarder shows, I noticed something last week. The huge piles of junk bother me, but when I see tons of books spilling everywhere, my brain shouts, "Books! Must collect more lovely, wonderful books!"

Uh-oh.  :)

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Elizabeth said...

Love that from Jessie Duplantis! I pass a house every morning,taking g.d. to school, I have admired that house for 20 years,it is now for sale but as I passed it this morning,I said " I do love that house but its not for me now,it is way too big! I can admire it without really wanting it!