Friday, September 20, 2013

The Rampant Crime In My Community

Another summer rerun while it's still yet summer-- the lighter side of the news because the heavier side nowadays becomes way too sad. From September 2006.


These are from a local newspaper's Police Blotter section, a sort of collection of the lighter side of crime in our area. Tom and I had to laugh, and yet we both wished this was the only side of crime around here... or anywhere.

A _____ Blvd. resident complained that there were 10 teenagers hanging from tree branches near the playground and wanted them removed before the trees were damaged.

Suspicious people with a vehicle were reported on ____ Road. A man and a woman were in the vehicle taking videos of passing cars with a video recorder. They then removed items from the trunk and went into the park, the complainant said. Police learned they were aspiring artists making a home video.

A ____Lane resident was suspicious of a man wearing a hard hat and walking around in the backyard with a ladder. Police reported that he was a Time Warner Cable repairman.

A _____ Drive resident complained that his son's ex-girlfriend took out a lot of library books under his daughter's name and was refusing to take them back.

A person reported missing from a facility on ____ Road was never missing but in a different bed.

A _____ Ct. resident reported an unknown man was on the side of the house. It was her neighbor who was inspecting his siding.

Four adults on bikes collided on _____ Road. Injuries to all were reported.

On _____ Drive, a resident reported someone took the hose from his pool and replaced it with another one that wasn't as long.


Oh! Found this gorgeous collection of bedrooms at Pinterest this morning. Wow. Inspiration galore.


Fawn Gilmore Kraut said...

These are fun, Deborah! Especially having the ten teenagers removed from the trees. That's hilarious. High crimes and misdemeanors. Thanks for the laugh.

Debra said...

Aw, Fawn... You're welcome! Glad these made you smile. I still think they're as funny as they were to me 7 years ago, but oh dear! Tom and I are already hoping we never have this kind of time upon our hands as we grow older, you know, time to make these types of phone calls to the police. heh. Thanks for commenting! Blessings, Debra