Friday, September 27, 2013

Places For You to Go

Y'all know how I enjoy peeking at tiny houses online and well, here's one I found this afternoon:

The high ceilings help and I do like everything except, well, the bedroom would make me feel claustrophobic. But again, it's fun to see where others live and imagine living there, asking myself if I have the bravery to give away all the extras to which I'm accustomed. (My usual answer is, "I don't think so.")


Oh, and I found this awesome thing (but some might think it eerie):

Deceased Grandma Lives On In Google Street View

I remember telling you that I longed to see my grandparents' former house (they now live in Heaven) through the street view thing, but it wouldn't take me down the long driveway where their house (and others) stood. So really... I'd have loved to have my grandparents immortalized this way so that I could 'drive by' and visit them anytime online. Happy sigh.


Did you know that Netflix recently added seasons 3 and 4 of Hoarding: Buried Alive?  (Guess what I've been watching, though fast-forwarding through the parts with strife)?  :)


Judy said...

I don't think so either.
But I am starting to take interest in cute little vintage campers. I could see myself giving up my 'props' for a dozen or so weekends every year.
Then I go to a hotel and think, maybe not!

Tracy said...

I love the Hoarding shows! My favorite part is at the end when they show them all spruced up & decluttered. :)

Debra said...

Judy--oh, you know I love those vintage campers, too! (Did you see the one I posted recently?). Wouldn't it be fun to go camping together at least once? (hmm... or perhaps we should stay in a luxury motel?) heh.

Tracy--I love the endings, also! In fact, I've been known to (often) fast forward to the end just to see the organized results! :)

Thanks, Ladies! ... Debra

Bonnie said...

I was so disappointed to hear that HOARDERS was not picked up again. Going to miss it dearly! Some think that it's exploitative but I think that the free clean-up and counseling balanced that out. They received care and were offered resources that they likely would not have ever had otherwise. Too bad nobody asked me. ; )