Sunday, September 01, 2013

Another Hobbit Cottage Anniversary

Still here!

Just hanging-out with Tom, both of us feeling extremely grateful on this eve of our second anniversary of moving into Hobbit Cottage. Two lovely, contented years here already! (And don't tell anyone, but I still feel such a rush of relief that we escaped the farm when we did. Shhh...)

Yet always, I'm also grateful we took that 'Farm Leap' in 2008, for now, I can spend the rest of my life contented, no longer wishing for a country home. I had one and discovered that three years was quite enough of livin' that dream, thank-you very much.

Oh, occasionally I wish for a larger home,even browsing the real estate pages online. Just one more room! I need only one more room. But it's only when I recall those nights of trying to sleep on the recliner during Naomi's last visit that my desire runs strongest. Those were some rough nights. And long.

And remember the remedy I came up with? Building a room onto the front of the house? Well, that dream is on hold. And yet there's a Plan B, one which will require work and money, but not nearly the work and money of that dreamy Plan A.

So stay tuned.

Anyway, to celebrate our two years here, tomorrow Tom and I will actually return to The Middle of Nowhere for a drive-by peek of the old farm (as we did last year on the anniversary of our move), but only after we attend the annual town-wide yard sales of a nearby farm town. Usually there's lots of old stuff for pennies at those sales, so we shall see what we shall see.

So here's a special thank-you to each of you who follow my everyday, oh-hum adventures at As I See It Now. To those who've followed while we lived in our other suburb house or the apartment or the farm or Hobbit Cottage--however long you've followed--I appreciate the time you take to check in with my simple world!


See that tiny yellow table in front of the couch? Out of the thousands of items I've bought in my 50+ years, that's one of the smartest purchases, ever. It's lightweight, cute and has endless uses. Highly, highly recommended. (I bought it with a gift card Naomi gave me to Pier One Imports.) 


Judy said...

Wow. Two years already. I love visiting with you. You know things.

Terra said...

I enjoy visiting your blog and hearing about what is happening and also about Plan A and Plan B.

Rosemary said...

We should thank you, Debra...for allowing us a glimpse into your life at Hobbit Cottage. Each post feels like a visit with a dear, wise friend. And, it's crazy ('cause we've never met) but I do consider you my friend :)

Anonymous said...

I find it interesting, the different places you have lived since I began reading here...and no idea how I came across your blog now. I feel that no matter where I have lived, something or other was different than what I might have chosen...but in retrospect, really was ok. We are going to be moving again ere too long....and because our daughter has had more health issues come up, it is possible we will be heading back here before too long too. She is also likely moving so that means we would be moving as closeby as we could probably, to be able to help her. Once the children are both in school (5 years) likely she will not need our help so much. Life is full of changes, and in mine, I have not much idea what is coming next. Oh well, we are vagabonds at heart anyway.
Elizabeth currently in WA state

Robin in New Jersey said...

Happy two year anniversary in your little cottage! Thanks for sharing your world with us!

Dolores said...

I can't believe it's two years already. Happy Anniversary!

Debra said...

Thanks so much to each of you who made our two-year Hobbit Cottage anniversary special! Blessings, Debra