Friday, September 13, 2013

The Hunt for Annoyances


Since August I've asked myself, "Which things annoy me most around Hobbit Cottage?"

Gee--the long list surprised me!

Yet I've plugged away slowly and fixed a few annoyances. The huge ones were that broken down old couch of ours and our oh-so-brown living room. Both are gone now--whew! Now I spend too much time in that room because I'm in love with it.

When I showed you a certain photo of our open living area I thought, "Uh-oh! Now the kitchen looks all oh-so-brown. Gah." Stay tuned for a couple painting changes I'll make in there. 

Tom's 'man cave' overwhelmed me for months each time I even stepped through the door. Well, I rearranged parts of it, cleared away some unnecessary items and--although not nearly finished--I can walk in there and not feel like hyperventilating. heh.

More? I hung a new shower curtain liner to replace the ratty ol' tearing one. I've been keeping up with the sycamore tree bark, crushing it by hand, and spreading it as mulch in my flower beds. My bedroom closet needed a light for two years(!) so I finally hunted up an extension cord and placed a lamp in there. My nightstand blocked too much light from my bedroom window (oh, how I crave light!) so I replaced it with a small iron bistro table.
(Our sycamore trees are going naked this year.)

Why share these? Because any average, run-of-the-proverbial-mill person can complain. And unless you're complaining to somebody with the power to change things? Well, moaning just wastes breath, energy and well, your life. 

The good news: pro-activity is better. Amazing, even.

Now, can we change every annoying thing? Uh, no (sometimes God prefers that we change, instead). Yet God can give us wonderful ideas, ways and the means to make changes when we choose pro-activity instead of whining like helpless babies.

We are not helpless.

No, the huge God of all creativity dwells inside us, the one through whom we can do all things and mostly? I believe He waits around a lot, you know, for us to ask for help. Sometimes we're clueless, overwhelmed and discouraged simply because we forgot to ask for His ideas, His help, His creative Spirit.

But how wonderful when we remember!


"You have not because you ask not."  ... From the book of James.

You don't make progress by standing on the sidelines, whimpering and complaining. You make progress by implementing ideas.

... Shirley Chisholm 


Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

This has to be my mantra! "I am not helpless! I am not helpless!" Thanks, Debra!

Anonymous said...

One of the better things we did was put one of those stick on lights on the the hall closet shelf where we keep the Tums and towels etc and one in another closet that the ceiling light never shown on good. One quick swipe of your hand and it is on and two and it is off. Just enough light and not too much. Also one of those plug in lights that goes on when it gets dark in the hall bathroom that lights enough to see down the hall too. You are right. Thinking of what needs done does nothing...doing it usually takes less time than you wasted thinking over and over about it. :-) Plus you are happier and smile more when you are not fuming!! Some things are easy fix. Now easy does not mean it might still not take you years to figure it out. Other things take longer or cost more in time or work but sometimes you can't get it all fixed but you can do it a bit better or a bit at a time. I am huge at doing What I can When I can. I may not have time to plant the bulbs but I can get the bulbs by the door, then get out the hand shovel on next trip by that area then do the next step and soon they will get done. So many things I have to do can be squeezed in by doing the bit I can at the time. Just remember to Not squeeze out time the time you need to be with God in your busy days. ...Take The Time. He is the very foundation your house {you} is built on. Sarah

Roger Crassi said...

The LORD has once again used you to bless my heart and my mind. HE has blessed you with the ministry of disseminating HIS eternal wisdom. Thank you for your obedience to his promptings to share what HE is doing in and through your life.

...In Christ,
Roger (and Elizabeth, God's gracious gift to me).

Debra said...

Kristi--great idea for a mantra!

Sarah--I'd considered using those lights with batteries in the closet, but well, I hate batteries (esp. rechargeables) and use them only in flashlights and smoke alarms. I'm thinking my lightbulb in the lamp will last forever. :) I'm still so thrilled with being able to see in there now!

Roger--thanks so much for letting me know this post meant something to you!

Thanks, Everyone... Debra