Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Old Lady In The Snow


We had a snowstorm which dumped nine inches of snow on us and after I shoveled a path from our backdoor to the street, I stood still, huffing a bit, looked all around me at the (what seemed like) miles of snow still needing shoveling and thought, "I am too old for this. I've shoveled snow for 35 years. Thirty-five years. I've paid my dues. I deserve a break."

So I went inside and told Tom that I am now officially too old to shovel snow and we need to look into hiring someone else to do it, the cost be darned. "We can take it out of that $2,600 I saved this year with grocery sales and coupons," I groaned as I threw myself upon the couch. 

Besides, God always seems to give Tom and me enough money to share with other people. He's great that way.

So Tom looked through the newspaper for someone to shovel for us, a bit online too, and didn't find much. Then I had a great idea--the guy who lives behind us. He's still so thrilled that we paid to cut down his (grandmother's) trees, that he's always volunteering to help us in any way. 

Tom said that Mike would probably insist on shoveling for no money in return (he'd shoveled our driveway for us that day), but I said, "Then the deal will be off. I really feel we should pay him the going rate to shovel for us all winter."

A couple days later (after a few more inches of snow) I caught Mike shoveling out front of his house and asked him if he'd be willing to shovel for us for payment all winter. Of course he said he'd do it for free, but I said, "Nope! We insist upon paying or the deal is off."  He smiled and said we could pay him whatever we felt was right. He also told me he needed to keep busy anyway because he's currently going through a divorce and too, this time of year he's unable to work because he mostly does construction. 

And well, I'm glad to help out by keeping him busier.

Happy, ecstatic sigh. After 35 years I can finally take it a little easier.

This getting older thing... sometimes we just need to know when to say when, to release any pride of accomplishment, lest we run beyond Grace and find ourselves hurt, confused or insane. And I am not too proud to say 'when' at nearly 54. :)


Proverbs 14:8

The wisdom of the prudent is to give thought to their ways, but the folly of fools is deception. 


Oh, and for those like Elizabeth who wondered about the 28-hour-beeping smoke alarm (previous post)--yes, it is hard-wired into the electric, so even after I wondered for hours how to take out the battery (a hidden tiny door), then got the battery out--still--it beeped. Sigh. What a relief for my head to finally stop that $#%^ beeping! Whew.



Terra said...

That was a good call by you, and your neighbor needs the income, so it is win win all around.

Elizabeth said...

Sounds like it worked out just like it should,God is like that ! I did not have snow this weekend but white sand and 30 degrees on the beach! It was fun but I would have preferred to be somewhere in snow!

Judy said...

Our city plows the sidewalks and our driveway is short. These are blessings. Still, I leave the shoveling/snow blowing to my husband. When it's been REALLY bad, like it was several years ago, the youngest guy on our side street (of six houses) plows everyone out. Our neighbors aren't the 'get together and gab' type, but we certainly do all watch out for each other.
As someone of 54 years of age I agree that it is much too old to shovel snow!
Happy New Year to you Debra! I so enjoy your lovely place here in the blog-o-sphere!

Anonymous said...

I used to LOVE to shovel the snow that fell...but where we lived it was only rarely that it got very deep or came very often. But now? I would not. Last time I fell on the icy steps back in 1998, I broke my tailbone...has not been the same since. HURT oh so bad, for oh so long!! It is worth it to pay someone...and turns out they NEED the money it sounds like...good you chose to do this!!
Elizabeth now in VA