Monday, December 10, 2012

Another Christmas-Lite

Warning: Rabid Christmas maniacs will hate this post. You might want to skip on over to another blog today...


Well, it's December 10th and I suppose I should insert a Christmas-type of post.

The problem? Tom and I are doing another Christmas-Lite this year.

I'll mail a few cards, probably won't decorate the house, or rather, my 365-days-a-year decor like this will suffice:

 ..... although we would have strung a few lights across the front porch if our electric outlet outside still worked. But it doesn't. From our big dining room window it's like Disneyland At Night out there with 5 neighbors' houses all aglow, but this year we can't return that pleasure to them, only enjoy it, ourselves.

This will be our first Christmas in 32 years without Nashville-living Naomi. I'll mail her a couple retro gifts which we think she'll enjoy and we'll all speak over the phone on the 25th.

As for Christmas Day? Well, Tom actually had that day off from work, a Christmas miracle of sorts(!). 

But. He came home one night and told me a guy asked if he (Tom) could work the first six hours for him so his little daughter would have her daddy home for Christmas. After Mrs. Scrooge I grumbled for 30 seconds about how this always happens, I told Tom, "Oh, go ahead." (Gah. How's anybody with a heart supposed to say no to a little girl spending Christmas with her dad?)

Oh well. Every year I do less Christmas as the world does it and the 25th becomes more and more just another regular day around my house for simply loving Jesus and sharing that love with others. But then, every year I do less of anything as the world does it and view things less as the majority of people do... and my Life becomes richer and more marvelous for it.

I prefer to do Christmas Lite every day of the year. So there you go.


"He must increase, but I must decrease. [He must grow more prominent; I must grow less so.]

 He Who comes from above (heaven) is [far] above all [others]; he who comes from the earth belongs to the earth, and talks the language of earth [his words are from an earthly standpoint]. "   ... John 3:30, 31


Watched another fun, classic suspense movie instantly at Netflix last week: Five Steps to Danger.

And did I already mention The House on Telegraph Hill? Tom and I really enjoyed that one. 

He hasn't yet seen Five Steps, but we're both so addicted to Alias now so it will have to wait, most likely  .... :)



Elizabeth said...

I am finding that doing a little less is better! I downsized my tree this year to better fit our downsized home.I am doing a lot less baking this year!

Judy said...

I think it all sounds wonderful Debra!
Someday I hope to find TWO copies of Ann Weems' book Kneeling in Bethlehem. I think you would enjoy it also.
It is so true that if one doesn't have Christmas in one's heart all year long, it doesn't really matter what you do on the 25th.

Pat said...

It's so important to do what makes your heart happy and not what the world puts on you. We are having a lite Christmas too, far less decorations. I can't say I don't miss seeing the house all decorated, but we have to do what we are able to do.
Yes, Christmas in your heart every day is not only what matters, it gives more joy then lots of pretty lights outside your house! You become those lights!

Julie no longer in Texas said...

I am with you, Debra, in that it is the first Christmas without our daughter, as well. She is overseas. We have a string of big, old C-9 lights on the front eave. But, no Christmas tree, nor decor. Just a sweet smelling Christmas candle, and I did send out cards. Yes, Jesus is born and living with us every day, if we let his goodness be with us every day.

Anonymous said...

Hubby and I walk in a mall when we can for exercise...and look too, while there. I told him it is amazing how little even appeals to me at all...I almost feel sorry for the merchants. We have seriously downsized with most like more to come and somehow, well, other than BOOKS, I just am not interested in stuff...though I can admire it and not feel the least inclined to buy. Maybe it is the age we are...
Elizabeth in VA now

Anonymous said...

Although I have things I can decorate with I have come to just putting the families stockings out and only a few other things. All would fit in a small shoe box + the 7 stockings. I have asked the kids if they want most of the rest and what they haven't we gave to a used store that is family run and they sell it as the store is their income. I still have a bit left and they will get that too. I put my few ornaments I kept from my childhood home and my Grandparent's and Aunt's in a bowl for decoration. I keep it out for months as I just love the colors and the love I remembers we had together. The kids all have their things they had on our tree already. No tree for years now. I only have a Mary and a Joseph statue. No baby. But then I know where Jesus is and he is with me always.
My husband and my son -in-law have done the same working the holidays for other people who have small children. They have had people do it for them when their kids were small and so now they are passing in forward. Sarah

Anonymous said...

We're doing Christmas-lite this year as well. First year we've had NOBODY coming. We did put up a tree, and I put out a few of my favorite Gingerbread people, but that's it. You know what? It feels good. Jesus is still with us, whether we decorate or not! I love that.