Thursday, December 27, 2012

My Christmas Report

I'm back!

Took a couple days off... watched Extreme Couponing, got all re-inspired to get groceries for nearly free and printed out many coupons from my email box. I'd gotten behind because--by December--most companies have already handed out their best coupons so we're left with not-so-hot ones. But come January--yay! All the fun and big savings will start up again. 

Tom worked his six hours for that young dad on Christmas Day then he came home to turkey (courtesy of Jennie-O), gravy, potatoes, etc. and the episode of Alias we'd not been able to watch the night before because of Netflix's big let's-blame-it-on-the-Amazon-cloud black-out. Came away rather bummed because one of our major favorite characters got killed but yesterday we discovered that no, he/she (can't give it away) didn't really die, after all. Whew. 

Tom and I opened just one gift each (we loved our Christmas-lite) and Naomi called us, too. We enjoyed speaking with her and hearing the happy-to-live-in-Nashville-ness in her voice.

We ventured to the theater yesterday and watched The Hobbit and--although the 3D effects were awesome (how amazing that two huge birds could come from behind us, then fly into the screen. How do they do that?)-- Tom and I felt the film lacked the heart and soul of the previous three (beneath my black wool coat, spread like a blanket, I nodded-off twice). Probably 6 times we've watched the earlier movies, but will we watch The Hobbit again? Most likely, well, no. Bummer.

Yet The Hobbit did remind me of one good thing... this verse:

"For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places."   ... Ephesians 6:12

... and how we must keep fighting against--not bad people--but rather, the dark kind of sadness whose goal is to defeat us, keeping us forever sunken into our couch cushions eating comfort food and just wishing Jesus would hurry back to swoop us all up to Heaven.

But God wants way, way better for us, His soldiers, than that. He provides all we need to fight the good fight of faith, and makes all His joy available, which keeps us strong.

May we always remember that as we watch the news--and live our lives-- in the years to come.


A special thanks to those of you who wished me well on Christmas here, at Facebook and in emails. Thank-you!


And what was my one Christmas gift I opened? It was the single thing I asked for this year: The Charlie Brown Holiday Collection

Hey. The heart wants what it wants. heh.

Sometimes I get such cravings to watch those three films! And now I can, anytime I wish. :)


Oh, and by the way.... I was so sorry to hear that Jack Klugman passed away. Just last week I'd gotten out my Odd Couple dvd's and enjoyed them again so much. I even prayed for Mr. Klugman, but then, God so often nudges me to pray for stars and has since I was 10. Anyway, I'm so grateful he shared his acting gift with us and we have him doing so on film for us to keep.


"He who overcomes shall inherit all things, and I will be his 
God and he shall be My son."   ... Revelation 21:7



Anonymous said...

Part of our day on the 25th consisted of going to see The Hobbit too. (Such stories are never "my cup of tea" but I went to be with Hubby and daughter). I came away glad I had gone...I found the 'hints' about things happening today plus other allagories to be quite interesting (though allagories are not my thing either...but when thinking of prophecy, etc. then they become interesting). Not sure all I "saw" was intended, but nonetheless interesting!! And like you, found some of the effects to be fun, well, other than in the fight scenes, as I do NOT enjoy such things.
Elizabeth now in VA

Anonymous said...

PS, I REALLY liked what Gandalf said maybe more towards the end of the film. The best part of all!

Well, we are soon off for a visit to Montecello!!

Elizabeth, now in VA

Anonymous said...

I am happy you had a good Christmas year. That is the same movie on my wish list. Hopefully it will be out again next year to be on my list again. Debra,can you help me? You mentioned quite a while back a Peanuts movie that was your favorite but not one of the most popular. The message was very good in it you said. Can you name the name of that Peanuts movie again? I wrote it down but naturally lost the note! :) Our Christmas was "lite" too cause we really needed nothing and the best Christmas was to just be together with the family.
I will sure miss Jack Klugman too. Sarah

Debra said...

Thanks, Elizabeth and Sarah for your comments!

And Sarah--the Charlie Brown film you're thinking of is called Bon Voyage, Charlie Brown. And how funny--I was just considering watching it *again* yesterday! Oh, I love that one so much--it's longer than the others and perhaps my favorite one of all. I wish it was on dvd because my poor old video is nearly worn out. :)

Glad you ladies enjoyed your Christmas!.... Blessings, Debra

Judy said...

I took the two days after Christmas off.
Our gift hasn't arrived yet - it's a cabinet on layaway at an antiques mall that is closing for good on Monday. This means we have to pick it up sooner than we expected (know anyone with a truck and a strong back?).
We also surprised ourselves (funny how we do that!) with the Rod Stewart Christmas CD.
To keep our Christmas lite, we draw names along with our kids. My son-in-law had my name and gave me home made gifts that I LOVE. My favorite being more wooden blocks to make things with ALL of the grand kids. Anything home made and also requiring imagination thrills me to pieces!
Anyway.., one more party here on Sunday with the extended family (plus two birthdays and an anniversary to celebrate) and I will be hibernating until Valentine's Day.
I'm glad to hear that your daughter is enjoying her new home in Nashville. It seems like a lovely place to live!