Friday, August 17, 2007

There's just something about Buffalo...

Yesterday on the subway, Tom and I sat behind a dad and his 11-or-so-year-old son and, not being certain which stop to get off for the Bison baseball game, I told Tom that we should simply follow this father and son because, most likely, they were going to the game, also. The son wore a baseball cap and resembled every kid you'd ever seen at a movie baseball game.

So we got off the subway when they did, but alas! I guess they weren't going to the game, because the stadium was still two blocks away. But call it a mistake? No way. For Tom and I walked along those two blocks to the beat of an amazing rhythm and blues group who played to well-dressed, released-from-the-office crowds in front of the bank for the daily lunchtime concert. They were sooo great, creating a soundtrack for our stroll past happy people and even tables for the Thursday Farmer's Market, with rows of bright gold and green and red fruit and vegetables.

And every few feet there stood busy hot dog vendors, and yes, we succumbed and ordered hot dogs. We slathered them with mustard then sat upon a short wall amongst trees resembling a city orchard, an orchard growing out of concrete, with people sitting upon benches beneath them. Couples eating together. Friends smiling, talking with heads bent close. Laughing. Oh, everyone was in such a great mood with all that music and the hot dogs and sodas and the gorgeous weather.

When I first, 14 years ago, got off the plane to come live here in Buffalo, I felt in my heart that the people here were singing and dancing in the streets. And yesterday--not for the first time, either--I saw it with my own eyes there in downtown. As I said, there's just something about Buffalo.

Yesterday Tom and I, both, felt we'd been invited to a party. And something else? I felt I'd glimpsed a tiny bit of Heaven. For here were streets where people danced and sang and laughed and ate or just walked or sat with smiling, grateful eyes. At least, I'm sure those of us who were free on the inside felt that way as we watched every activity on the outside.

After all, that's where freedom must always begin--on the inside. From there it colors everything seen with the eyes and felt with the heart. From the inside, freedom spreads like music played so all can dance and celebrate.


Saija said...

"from the inside" ...

that's where warmth and smiles and good cheer DO start!

sounds like a wonderful day ... and i must admit to just a wee bit of envy - since i wish with all my heart that leo was well enough to enjoy an outing such as you TWO had ... though, we did go out for supper yesterday - which we hadn't done in about 3 years! and we walked there from our condo (it's a block away!), so that too was a blessing ... :o) ... it ain't all bad! just the way we look at any given situation, right?

blessings on your weekend!

kjalics said...

Dear Debra,

What a lovely happy adventure. You have eyes and let us all see!

Please pray for Paul. He is in the hospital again.


Kathy said...

Sounds like a beautiful day Debra, I could just picture you and Tom there enjoying each moment your description of the surroundings, it makes it so easy to capture the sights and sounds. Good to hear that you had a great day in Buffalo!

Dapoppins said...

My city always seems more rushed than this! Singing and dancing! What fun.

Judy said...

Beautiful post, Debra.

Felt like I was right there with you.