Saturday, August 25, 2007

I'd appreciate it if you could pray for my dad.


He's in the hospital with either a bladder infection or an infection from the prostate surgery he had last month, and as of yesterday, it sounded like the doctors are clueless about the whole thing. And in the meantime, my dad is not doing well at all, wasn't eating and was barely drinking. He has a whole list of medical conditions. A long list.

In the last month while researching natural cures and organics and health and wellness, I've been growing beyond-upset with the FDA. I can't even tell you how upset I am that natural cures have been hidden and ridiculed because they won't bring in any money to the powers-that-be--and on and on and on. And how popping pills is advised, nutrition is usually ignored, and the effects of stress/worry/unforgiveness are rarely mentioned. Well, don't get me started.

When my mother called yesterday to tell me all this, I asked her if they'd been giving my dad plenty of good, strong, pure cranberry juice for the bladder infection. I already knew the answer. My dad is one to take medication after medication and through the years has grown only worse. But my mother did say, in a surprised voice, that a nurse did mention the cranberry juice thing.

Sigh. I've been using cranberry juice to clear up anything which even resembles bladder or urinary tract infections for more than a decade and always--always--it has cleared things up almost instantaneously. My mother sounded as though she'd never heard of such a thing.

So my anger at the FDA jumped off the scale yesterday and today God is telling me to calm down, saying that anger will only make things worse. It will not help, especially, it will not help my own body.

What will help? Spreading information. Letting others know what I am learning as I do research of health and wellness online. And doing as our daughter is doing--she's helping a family next door to her learn all about eating right and using natural cures (they once lived in Love Canal and have lost loved ones to cancer). And well, they are experiencing downright miracles in their home. And our daughter is finding a purpose in life like never before and is more excited--and healthy-- than I've seen her in years.

I realize this is a controversial post--you won't need to point that out to me in my comment box. But this is my blog. This is what I'm feeling today. And again, I'd appreciate prayers for my dad at this time. Thank-you.


Sara said...

debra, i'm praying for your dad and his medical team right now. and i want you to know that your blog is on my daily stops of what i think of as my devotional time. God is using your heart and your wisdom to teach people to reach beyond culture into what is really good and right. keep pressing on my friend.

Feathers a/k/a Thriftin' Gal said...

Prayers are on the way for your dad!

I have to agree with you 10000% about your views on health and wellness!! When we were taking care of my mom, I researched constantly and learned so much, and it angered me too, beyond words. My hubby feels the same way too. I try and share the knowledge as often as I can to those that are willing to listen - but I have found that sadly, some people do not even care about this info, let alone making changes that can so greatly impact their health.

Laura said...

I am praying for you, your parents and the doctors!

smilnsigh said...

Oh I do hope that your Dad is better soon.

And yes, wouldn't it be nice if more emphasis was put on 'preventative' things? Instead of just doing something, after our body has a problem...


smilnsigh said...

And just to make things more difficult... I know the cranberry cure thing, and have used it.

Then, I developed a bladder issue, for which cranberry juice and many such acid-y things, are the worst! -sigh- So I had to change my thinking and deal with that issue.

Believe me, it was a shock, after all the years of having it work, for regular bladder issues.

But again, it points to the necessity of our taking some of our health in our hands, and using the Internet to search things. The Internet was where I found about this latest problem... And my specialist concurred.



Judy said...

I've struggled with this so much with both of my parents lately.

They would happily switch to natural remedies, but, how to do that after so long and so many natural remedies cause reactions with other things they take? It is a very delicate balance.

Keep at it!

Oh. Can I throw out a word of caution for on-line remedies? I found one that worked fantastic clearing up my dogs ear problems. But, later it was proven to also cause deafness. I still feel guilty that I made my dog lose her hearing.

I am praying for your dad.

elizabeth said...

Why is it called "practicing medicine"...seems we should be able to practice a bit on ourselves, as much as a stranger. I think what divides most people is simply experience...if others have been where we have been, likely they will understand how we feel...if not, not much chance of understanding...or so it has been for me.