Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I'm still here...

Our house has been shown three times so far and a large parade of realtors will be whisking through this morning at 10:00.

Our house has smelled delicious--mostly--for days now. Want to know the easy way to scent your home? I have two secrets:

1.) Use your coffeemaker. Make at least half a pot of something aromatic and keep it brewing for an hour or more. Currently, (because we've switched to organic and we got this other kind, in unopened cans, at a yard sale for 50 cents each)I'm using Folger's French Vanilla. Yum. Our house has three stories and French Vanilla is presently wafting through each and every one.

2.) Buy a small bottle of scented oil (I get the cinnamon kind for less than $3. And think oil, not water.) Then go around the house placing drops in bowls of potpourri, rub a little on the underside of furniture, place on wreaths or dried-flower-valence thingies, etc.

That's it! Unless your house smells downright vile, these two ideas make a quick, ten-minute fix. People have been stepping into our house exclaiming, "Oh! It smells so nice in here!," and well, trust me... With ten-year-old burbour carpet and two (formerly 6) cats, that's really saying something, indeed.

See you soon... And thanks so very much for your comments of the past few days!


Saija said...

when our only house hunters (then buyers) came, i had a pie baking ... :o)

Debra said...

Hi Saija--I've been cleaning the house so often lately that I don't dare make a pie and mess it up. hee... (I can barely sit on the couch, lest I crush the couch pillow...) :) But pies when they're baking have a wonderful scent, indeed! Well, back to work...cleaning, cleaning, cleaning... (big sighhhh. Are we having fun yet?)
Blessings, Debra

Mandy said...


I have heard that putting a dab of scented oil on a light bulb works, too. And we all know how we have to leave ALL the lights on when the house is listed!

As for us, our house is still on the market after six months, with lots of supposed interest, as well as a buyer that backed out. Now we have discovered that the foundation might be heaving. Loverly. It just seems that our market (Colorado Springs) is totally stalled. Usually the summer is all about Air Force people moving in, but the Air Force put a moratorium on almost all relocations this year. Ugh!

I know that God will take care of it. We're not drowning. We're in our new house in the country and quite thrilled with it. Now we're looking at renting out the house (after it's fixed) and waiting for the market to improve.

Debra said...

Mandy--I'm glad you're in your country house! I'll have to zip over to your blog to see if you've posted pictures. I'll be praying your other house sells soon! Blessings, Debra

daisymarie said...

When we went to look at my dream home, they had just baked a batch of chocolate chip cookies...talk about evoking warm cozy feelings. Mmmmmmmmmmm!