Saturday, August 25, 2007

The good news: My dad is doing better. My sister called and said the infection hadn't reached his blood, as the doctors had feared, and well, he's improving now. Finally.

Thanks so much for your prayers! Things were pretty shaky there for awhile (I spared you some scary details).

And thanks, too, for your comments to my last post. I appreciate hearing from those of you who have been where I am now and where I have been for some years now, too. I mean, years ago I felt alone amongst Tom and Naomi when it came to making some healthy changes, but now, thank-goodness, Naomi is even more on board than I am. And Tom is trying to play along, even though it's hard for him sometimes.

All my life I've watched people lose the Game of Life too early. I've seen some folks become old, frail, sickly at 50.

I want to win the Game of Life. So I am making changes.

Of course, you talk about change and people get scared. That's the first thing to remember. Years ago I heard in a sermon that if you are making some changes, get ready to receive some flak and criticism from those closest to you. Why? Because seeing that you are changing is a reminder that they are not. And that is threatening. And just downright annoying.

When I talk about 'going natural' mostly I'm just talking about leaving fancy, new-and-improved products alone. Like leaving aluminum cans, microwave ovens, plastic wrap alone. And returning to basics. Back to foods which have not taken showers in pesticides or been chemically altered. Back to foods God invented--not ones man invented and then poured into boxes, with contents living longer than even I will. Or food from animals led down the winding antibiotic trail.

I'm talking about making the majority of my diet about organic fruits and vegetables--and doing so creatively. Making them the main part of the meal, rather than just the tiny circle of color on the edge of my plate. About eating sprouted alive wheat bread instead of processed dead wheat bread (and using peanut butter made with just peanuts). Taking daily doses of pure pomegranate or cherry juice (or others) rather than doses of pills or liquid medications which come in eerie shades of green or red or brown.

I'm talking about growing gardens. Taking daily walks and doing stretching exercises before I even leave my bed. Using detergents which don't harm my hands, my brain or my planet. Recycling. Not worrying, but trusting, instead. Relaxing, even in a crisis. Forgiving people and handing out lots and lots of mercy--realizing that's just as vital as anything I let slide down my throat or rub across my skin.


Anvilcloud said...

Glad he's doing better and that you have a good plan.

Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

Dear Debra,

I am so glad that your father is better! I didn't know he was ill until I knew he was better, but will still prayer for him and hope you will pray for Paul who is now in a rehab hospital. But his dementia is slowly worsening and this affects everything. It's heartbreaking.....We have always tried to eat good food, local and now organic when we can, and Alice and I both belong to a CSA. You are doing the best thing you can by educating yourself and making gentle changes.

Saija said...

i'm sorry that i wasn't there for you, re prayer about your dad! i'm so glad that others were, in our blogging family of God!! and i'm glad he is doing better!

just wanted to thank you for prayer on behalf of leo ... and for me ... he had his blood work done this a.m., and we're hopeful that he gets to come home today and play with our crazy little kitty!

((hugs)) & blessings to you!

elizabeth said...

Glad things are going better!! Will pray your dad is soon home and that they will consider some easy choices to make things better...pomegrate juice is indeed wonderful! We have in the past made herbal sun tea in the fridge and then added at least 1/3 to 1/2 of the glass some kind of good juice...a wonderful way to drink both!! We both have to be more careful now with sugars, even fruit sugars so usually do not drink such anymore...but for those who can, a painless way to get some good stuff down.

Kelly said...

I'm happy to hear your Dad is doing well.
Two suggestions; 1) ALMOND butter - YUM! Especially the crunchy kind. SO good, and SO addictive.
2) Ezekiel wraps. They MUST be available in US if they are here in Canada. They are found in the frozen section of your grocer's organic dept. All sprouted grains, all nutritious and delicious. I have one for lunch every day in so many different ways. :)

Anonymous said...

Speaking of changes - I'm currently reading a novel (A Grave Talent by Laurie King)and one of the characters describes himself as a "vanguard of the post-computer era". This really hit me - I can hardly even remember what life was like before computers. I am not ready for this yet but I think we all sometimes wonder about what it would be like to put them away.

smilnsigh said...

So happy that your Dad is better.

And all the luck in the world to you, with you plan for living. {I like that better than the old word 'diet.' -smile-} I'm making baby steps to there, myself.

Some people do best with 'going cold turkey.' I'm not one of them. Gradual, here and there... It's the end product, that counts ~~ in this eating more wisely thing, for me.

Again, for me. Each of us is and can be different.

I do wish you so much luck. And would appreciate some good thoughts for strength, coming my way too. -smile-

To repeat, I'm so glad your Dad is better!


Debra said...

Thanks, Everyone, for your concern and your prayers and your encouragement! I really appreciate them all... Blessings, Debra