Monday, April 10, 2006

When You Gotta Do What You Gotta Do

I like positive people. I need positive people and I wish I knew more of them.

Oh my... give me more people who collect Touched By An Angel dvd's and who would rather treasure what that series did, rather than tear and pick it apart for what it didn't say or didn't do...

...give me friends who can, in a flash, list ten things they love about their spouse, instead of ten things they hate.

... give me people who have problems, but still have godly, supernatural joy.

... give me those who don't dread cloudy days or Mondays or April 15th.

... give me people who have the wisdom of an adult, but the faith of a child.

...give me people who say they are Christians and who, much of the time, react like Jesus might.

Well, you get the idea.

Sometimes you have to fight to stay above your problems, not under, defeated and kicked in the head by them.

Sometimes you have to let go of the pestering, negative influences in your life, whether it's a newspaper, a tv show, or even a friend.

Sometimes you have to fight to stay positive, even if that means you are misunderstood by people who mean a lot to you.

Sometimes you have to fight to stay up so that you're able to help friends who are down.

In this Christian walk, you will often be misunderstood, even if what you did was something God asked you to do. If you are blown away every time you are misunderstood, well, you're going to spend lots of time blowing around.

Sinking beneath negativity is the easy thing to do. Anyone can do it. But sometimes you've just gotta do what you gotta do and often, that means doing whatever it takes to keep your joy, which is your strength. It might mean:

spending extra time with God
reading a good book
apologizing to a friend
watching a funny movie
taking a walk
mailing a card of encouragement
putting on some smile-worthy, dance-worthy music
shopping or going out for coffee with someone
dragging yourself out of that pity party
playing, dreaming, creating--
sometimes it just takes pulling ourselves out of the ruts we drive ourselves into, usually without even seeing what we've done.

It takes a fighter to keep one's joy and thus remain strong. May you learn about the joy fight--and may you fight--and may you always win.

"Fight the good fight of faith, lay hold on eternal life..." 1 Timothy 6:12

"...for the joy of the Lord is your strength and stronghold..." Nehemiah 8:10

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