Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Love In The Night Watches

"I remember You upon my bed, and meditate on You in the night watches." Psalm 63:6

Saija brought up the night watches first... This is one of my favorite subjects.

There are many reasons we awaken at night, the reasons would make a book.

I believe sometimes it's God who awakens us and we'll lie there wondering why we cannot return to our dreams until oh yes! It comes to us, "Perhaps God wants me to pray for someone." Then on our back we pray until we sleep again, often awaking in the morning without even remembering those prayers.

And that's a Good Thing, even a God Thing.

Other times we awaken because God wishes to teach us something, often because He was not able to catch us sooner. We used-up our daylight hours running our errands and filling-up our ears with music, tv, and scurrying our children from Here to Over There... He reached out, but could not grab the back hem of our coat as we ran... He could not take our hand to lead us to the Quiet Places. So our bed at 3 a.m. becomes the Quiet Place we missed and now, finally, He has time to speak to our heart and whisper what He was trying to teach earlier.

And that, too, is a Good Thing, a God Thing.

But another Time, another Reason, the one I love best is this... And those are the nights when you awaken, in the silence, sometimes with moonlight warm upon your face, and you open your eyes wide because you sense He is there again, there sitting upon the edge of your bed smiling down at you. He is taking a night watch and you are the one He is watching. Tonight it is your turn to know He is that close.

And you smile in the silver light and tell Him, "I wish I could see you." To which He replies, "Why do you need to see me if you know that I am here?"

And while you ponder HIs words, the room, even the corners, become full of His love... and there is so much Love, that you feel it heavy, like your grandma's old quilt, upon you. So heavy, so warm, that your eyes prick with tears, happy ones, tears which whisk you away to dreams and morning light and a knowing smile when you awaken.

...and a sense of His presence all day long. All because of love in the night watches...all because of Him.

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