Wednesday, April 12, 2006


If you remember the tv series, Fame, give yourself 50 bonus points. Oh my, Fame was so removed from my own life as a 23-year-old wife and mother back there in 1982, but still, you could always, always find me sitting on the couch, all avid and rabid, in front of the tv each Thursday night for Fame. I *loved* that show--its characters, especially, and its singing, dancing and plot lines, too. Everything.

Fame's School of Performing Arts' teachings hit squarely on my own ambitions. In high school, I'd been a gold medal gymnast (tiny, tiny school--do not be impressed), so the dancing fascinated me. And I'd been known for my poetry,too, so during Fame when they'd talk about never giving-up and doing whatever work necessary to achieve your dreams, I was right there with them. I'd envision myself as the next Emily Dickinson, though of course, hoping my own drawer of a thousand poems would be discovered and appreciated long before I died, not after, as in Emily's case.

Every much-anticipated episode, Fame fed my ambitions, causing them, sadly, to grow too big to fit inside my little house. So, well, I mostly became dissatisfied and frustrated with my perfectly-fine-God-given lot in life.

But it wasn't Fame's fault. Those kids (who, in real life, were right around my same age) were doing what they were called to do--and they knew it. And in my tiny home, I was doing what I was called to do, yet I didn't know it. At least, not for absolute certain--it was a come-and-go, wispy kind of thing, this knowing I was in the right place at the right time.

Way back during those years I still believed that fame, (the thing, not the show), was something that could fix the wrong things and the missing things inside of me. I thought if everyone knew my name and needed and appreciated me and my talents, well, that would made me truly happy.

Wrong. At least, wrong for me.

Later, in my mid-thirties I finally had the 'fame' and appreciation I'd craved years before, but oh-so-fortunately, it came after something new happened between God and me... and because it came after friendship with God, it paled in comparison. Because also by this time, I'd come to realize I was nothing without God.... I didn't want to be or do anything apart from Him... and any fruit of doing what He'd asked me to do, only belonged to Him. The credit, the appreciation would always belong to Him because every idea and word and ounce of strength came from Him to enable me to do anything of lasting value.

Just finally feeling close to Him was better than all the fame in the world. For one thing, always, the crowds go home... they eventually forget you... and unless you've gained God along the way, you're left with only memories. Fame, truly, is fleeting.

So anyway, (I didn't mean to ramble like that, honest!), Fame (the series) finally, finally came out on dvd and I ordered it. I was scared, though, to buy this series, to see it again after so long. I wondered if I'd still love this show since I am so not that same young woman sitting there on the couch drinking-in every word, every song, every dream of those kids on the screen. That was miles and miles ago and that Debra is, gratefully, mostly gone.

But alas! My Fame dvd's arrived this week, I have watched 5 episodes and hey! I still love this show. Love it, love it. It's felt like a high school reunion, one where only I have some grey hair, though. The plots are still wonderful and all the dancing, especially, appears just as fresh now as it did in 1982 (and did any other show ever have a cooler opening sequence?). And how refreshing to watch a series centering around many aspects of Life we all share, instead of basing show after show on s-e-x (she says, blushing). Fame is like watching tv from a different planet.

Fame still makes me laugh and dream and remember what it was like being young (and still able to do walkovers and round-offs), and just starting out on the path of Life. And it still greatly inspires and motivates me, only in different ways from different motives. It's as though I'm watching Fame through totally new blue eyes. And actually, I am.

To read more about Fame, click here. Scroll down.

"Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new." 2 Corinthians 5:17

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