Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Pick A Post Day

While doing 'damage control' upon my oldest posts (correcting thousands of majorly embarrassing writing flaws and deleting posts written by Cranky Preacher Lady. Er hem.), I discovered some posts which stir pleasant (or bittersweet) memories (and dare I say lessons?) these 14, or so, years later.

So on this fine, sunny day (at least here in New York), feel free to choose a post, below, which sounds intriguing to you, ok?  ツ


My Aunt Marian  (From December 14, 2006)
Remembering my favorite aunt.

The Thing About Words (From April 27, 2006)
Words. They can hurt, yes, but also heal. Literally.

So, Like, What Are You Afraid Of?  (From November 18, 2004)
How is fear holding you back from what God created you to do?

What I Did On My Blogging Vacation (From August 22, 2006)
Lots of redecorating photos, including those from a dollhouse. Oh, and this! (Man, where are all those cute things today? Still packed away in our basement 7 years later? Oh dear.)

Blogging Hope. (From December 22, 2004)
The importance of sharing hope with others via blogging or any form of social media.

Enjoying the Empty Nest (From May 9, 2006)
Many ideas of new adventures after your children leave home.

Backyard Dreamin' (From May 16, 2006)
In the mood for some springtime photos of my long ago yard?

The Day We Flew The Kites (From May 1, 2006)
A favorite story I found in a dusty little book. Some days stay with us forever.

Of Mice and Me (From October 8, 2006) & The End of An Era (From May 26, 2005)
Remember when I kept pet mice? Hmm?

Whatever There Is To Be Done (From May 18, 2005)
Learning to love even the mundane daily stuff is vital--there's so much of it!


Oh! And one of my so-very favorite things so far about 2019? 

American Idol.

Seriously. Both Tom and I mega-enjoyed this season, but especially me. Each episode felt like eating favorite desserts and I loved the songs, voices, laughter, suspense and the fresh young faces. 

And although I, personally, wished 4 of the kids could have won, still, it wasn't about winning or losing. Well, not to moi. For me it was about young adults sharing their beautiful voices with others to lift them up and make their lives (in this bad-mannered, sad world), brighter.

And shouldn't we all be doing that in the ways God's chosen, individually, for us?

(Yes!)  ツ

(No one squeal or anything, but I'm considering watching all the AI episodes again via Hulu this summer.)




Rebecca said...

I'm impressed by your diligence! Going back over old posts to correct--Wow!

And I definitely agree we should all be lifting others up/making their worlds brighter! You do it well!

Betsy said...

I will definitely go back and read your old posts Debra. Going back to correct them? Oh my goodness you are diligent aren't you? I haven't watched Idol in years but maybe next season. I agree with you about making others' days better. Life is too short for all of the anger and bitterness out there right now.
Blessings always,