Thursday, May 16, 2019

Let's Get Practical

(Imagine a red line across that illustration. As in, "No panic here.")  ツ

"She is like the merchant ships,
She brings her food from afar.

She is not afraid of snow for her household,
For all her household is clothed with scarlet.

She can laugh at the days to come."   ... From Proverbs 31


So! Remember when I shared Michael Snyder's post with you (in March) about the thousands of midwest flooded farms and how our grocery prices would skyrocket this summer?

And have you heard about this China tariff/trade war thing? Wow.

Well, has Ol' Debra's been stressed-out-wild regarding these? Nah, she's having a grand old time doing what normally is her Autumn stockpiling of goods.

Seriously, Grace is all over my household stockpiling/preparations, even reminding me of this from The Practice of The Presence of God--

Following Grace is a lifestyle of inside blessings flowing outward.

I'm scribbling (many) lists, ordering groceries online from Walmart, Target and being all squirrel-like in hiding my supplies away.

See these blue and white boxes from our guest room?

They're from Sammy's (crazy-priced) cat food, contain food for us and, hey. When you have a tiny house (with no pantry) and your heart longs to decorate and be a prepper, you mix both as best you can.

Like this morning. I keep boxes of food in our office (not very office-y, I know), and I finally spray-painted and labeled four of eight.

Now they blend-in much better. Well, to me (and I live here).  ツ

Gee, I love following Grace! She makes saving money, prepping, cleaning house and yard work such pleasant tasks, no worry, confusion or bad-tiredness involved. Everytime. 

Year after year, God and Grace make this crazy world beautiful to those who follow their leading.

"The most holy and necessary practice in our spiritual life is the presence of God. That means finding constant pleasure in His divine company, speaking humbly and lovingly with him in all seasons, at every moment, without limiting the conversation in any way."

--- Brother Lawrence

This will shock some, but I get it. I so do--

---Brother Lawrence

Another way I'm prepping for higher grocery prices? I'm saving lots of money by using Open Library instead of buying books. Lots. Of. Money. (Relatively.)

Earlier I told you about this place, but just had to mention again my growing love for it. What a blessing that they carry the quirky books our New York libraries discarded years ago!


Oh, and here are a few of our U.S. imports from China in case there's anything on this list you may want to stock up on now--

Plastics, clothing, shoes, socks, bedding, knitted or crocheted clothing.

(Walmart already is warning us. Go here. And here.)


So sad about losing Doris Day and Tim Conway, right? 

Fortunately I saw Mr. Conway in-person during (my one year of) college when a busload of us traveled to a Carol Burnett Show rehearsal. Forty-two years later, I still recall all details of that magical, star-studded evening.

Good-bye to a man who used his sense of humor to lighten our loads and cheer us through some difficult times. 


Oh, and in memory of my poor insect-killed lilac bush. RIP.


Exactly why I dress and put on make-up daily for my life around the house.  ツ



Betsy said...

I like your storage containers. Very imaginative and using what you already have. Economical too! I agree with getting dressed and fixing your hair. Rarely do I lounge around in my p.j.'s, but when I do, the yard guy comes to the door and the mail lady, etc. :-)
It's been a sad week with Doris Day and Tim Conway. Rest In Peace.

Pam said...

You introduced me to Michael Snyder and I've read several of his articles. We live in Illinois, and although we didn't have as much flooding as states west of us, excessive rain and colder temps have prevented farmers from planting crops. Flooded farms in the midwest and uncertain conditions could slash the corn and soybean crop. At this time last year, ALL the crops around us had been planted and were growing. I find it so interesting that the mainline media has remained fairly quiet in the past month...but time will tell. We serve a mighty God and he can turn things around, but we must do our part to prepare for possible hardships. Thanks for the warning, Debra!

Anonymous said...

I thought you had your prepping foods in our basement. You had a kitchen down there too..right? I get it to have them wherever it works but isn't the basement working any more? There have been so many times things have happened across he country to warn people to always keep stocked up but they still seem to forget in between problem times. So sad. We have had so many renters who have moved in next door who don't keep bandaids or even extra T.P. or more than 2 days worth of food. Yet they seem to have every electronic gadget and all the pay channels on their huge tvs. Lots good these things will do them when they are hungry. We always try to do what we can to inform them in a friendly way. I hope some things stick in their minds. :)

Even here in S. California we have had more rain than usual. It is nice to have the rain and in our area has not been a problem 'cept to find days without to mow and plant. Thanks for all the ideas you place in my head Debra. I always leave your blog with my mind whirling in a good good way. :-)))) Sarah

Debra said...

Thanks, Betsy! The storage boxes are working out great.I know what you mean about the days when we don't make ourselves presentable. Isn't it wild how everyone comes to the door those times? :)

Pam--sounds like we're on the same page again, my friend!As they say, the times, they are a changin'. :)

Sarah--well, technically I do still keep some things in the basement. But since I'm no longer 'a spring chicken'? Oh my, when it's 5:00 pm and I'm so tired while making dinner, the last thing I want to do is run down to the basement for a can of corn. heh. :) I've had to make other adjustments like that in this house as I've aged--all just part of Life, right? Glad you're having rain again!

Thanks, Ladies! Blessings, Debra