Wednesday, July 13, 2016

When God Knows Just What You Needed...

Well, after my mini mid-life crisis I so needed a time of refreshing. You-Know-Who sent me one and whew, I'm grateful.

Remember my couple-days-in-a-motel-room dream? Eh. Maybe someday. But for now, there's no need.

No, these helped, instead.


And this:

(They discussed Joel's book, I Am: The Power of Two Words Which Will Change Your Life Today on Oprah's Super Soul Sunday via On Demand.)

And this spoke volumes, also:

(Reminded me that if I'm not living contentedly and elegantly, it's my own darn fault--and--if I'd put my house-searching energy into changing what bugs me 'round here, things would be/feel better.)

And this arrived in the mail:

... and made me laugh (and have what feels like fun, a necessary item, I forget, on the To Stay Balanced List), lighten-up and think and cry.

Plus, I un-procrastinated things-- finally spray-painted the little hanging clothes rack (photos someday) in my sweet bedroom and did extra laundry and ironing and exercised. Watched a few retro tv shows from the 70's, soaked up all that orange, yellow and avocado green decor and nifty clothing which, truthfully, yes, I still prefer. Er hem.

(I mean, how can you not love these?)

Anyway, wow,  this revival time reminded me of God's 2016 goodness after having satan's badness blared loudly online and on tv for too long. (And I don't even pay all that much attention to bad news! Just enough to know for what I should be praying.) 

My idea of revival looks nothing like yours? Aww, that's ok. Really, it's fine.

What matters is that these personally-customized times of refreshing come, that we let them gird us up for the probably-not-much-brighter weeks ahead. That we welcome God's help, no matter how oddly the form in which it appears.

God's ways/ideas help us come away stronger, more joyful, changed and able to remain an overcomer--and grateful. Oh so very grateful that He provides us with all we need to live well in this 2016 world.


"When they measure themselves by themselves and compare themselves with themselves, they are not wise."   ... 2 Corinthians 10:12

"I think recharging is important, absolutely. Every now and then, you need maybe a couple of weeks to just chill out and let your emotions balance themselves out a little bit."   ...    Malin Akerman


Below are some quotes from Bubbly On Your Budget (originally called Orchids On Your Budget and written in 1937). Marjorie Hillis' subtle-humor writing style is my favorite kind.

"Women who talk poverty and complain about the things they can't have are invariably tiresome, and women who make something gay out of next to nothing are sure to be exciting. ... The trick is to have the right attitude as it is with most things in Life."

"... the interesting people ... grasp the somewhat obvious fact that any problem so pressing is worth conquering and with as much zest as possible. .. Whatever your lot in life, it's merely a challenge to your resourcefulness..."

"If you keep your standards up, even though your salary goes down, it can have an air, which will be all the more impressive because of the courage behind it. You can also have gaiety and charm and chic, if you are ready to substitute the trouble they take for the cash they cost.
   ----Or you can just settle down and let things go to pieces around you. You'll have lots of company."

"Having spent all she could afford on the two upper stories, her decoration below was accomplished chiefly by taking down two-thirds of the pictures, removing one-third of the furniture and putting half the knick-knacks on closet shelves. New ivy-patterned curtains and a profusion of huckleberry leaves in white vases accomplished the rest, and a lot of Mrs. H.'s friends are wondering where she got all that money."



Terra said...

That book sounds upbeat; I like how Mrs. H. redecorated with flair and at no or little cost. You did all the right things to be refreshed and I am glad it worked.

Debra said...

Thank-you, Terra! It really is a fun book and has been inspiring me to make the most of what I have as well as take extra good care of it. Highly recommended! Thanks again... Debra