Saturday, July 30, 2016

So, Like, Where's Your Teepee?

"Be still and know that I am God."   ... Psalm 46:10


While a teenager, I'd watch the show, Emergency, and imagine myself a paramedic someday, even studying library first-aid books. But some of the drawings and instructions grossed me out, signaling, I thought, that being a paramedic wasn't for me.

And it wasn't. For example, years later I watched Naomi place earrings in her newly-pierced ears and I felt queasy. Dizzy. And had to turn away. 

Oh my.

Anyway, lately I'm totally addicted to Emergency via Netflix. (Hey, it could be worse.) It's the 70's fashion, decor, cars and the ability to fast-forward the slow rescue parts that especially has me hooked.

Oh, and being able to research the guest stars on IMDB interests me and--so far--not very I'm-sorry-I-ever-discovered-their-sad-fate-ish (like IMDB can make me feel).

Well, one guy played such an awesome arrogant, darn-the-rules paramedic trainee, that I just had to look him up. His name is Robert Pratt and the episode was titled Trainee

Looks like he escaped Hollywood and became an artist, writer and Native American aficionado. He moved to New Mexico and has--get this--a real teepee in the back acre of his yard.

Love that!

And I especially appreciated his quote in 2004:

“It’s like going to a gas station and refueling,” Pratt says. “If I need an idea, or just a moment to clear my head, spending an hour or so in my teepee is usually all it takes.”

And that, folks, is how I feel about my dear white, blue and pink closet room upstairs. There upon my white bedspread, I gaze around at my blue-and-white striped wallpaper and white shelves with hundreds of lovingly-worn books and instantly! Feel recharged, at peace and contented.

Oh, it's not just the room, itself, of course. I mean, I've never had such a dearly-loved room before--but a room can only do so much. Rather, it's as though God waits for me up there so I can reconnect with Him, recharge and come away refreshed and renewed and ready to face the chaos which is 2016.

But I think it's providing a special meeting place for us that makes the difference. A sort of 'if you build it, He will come' place. I guess you could say it's my teepee out in the back acre. 

I hope you have one, also. 

A teepee, a closet, a couch, a patio, bookshelf or a place on the lawn, in the garden or in a sweet corner. Today, more than ever, we all need such a meeting place and to actually go there, in stillness, to meet the One who waits for us. The One who makes us strong.

Once, in Real Life, a friend sat on my bed while I pointed out what I loved about my new little room. She listened and her only reply was, "Yes, but it's a closet."

Oh dear. A too-perfect example of how sometimes our friends don't always see things as we do.  It happens.


Here are some lovely She Shed ideas at Pinterest. I'll take one of these in my backyard, also!  :)


Oh, this was wonderful from a friend of a friend at Facebook:

I was thinking this morning... after having a prayer time..and reading in psalms and Ephesians chapter 2.... about all of the things that have distracted me from the Lord....all the troubles that we have had, my Dad passing away, our loosing the home we so badly needed, my health, my son's health.. all of these are distractions... trying to keep me from praying and praising... and I thought of this.... "Dear Lord, Be the Distraction.. the Distraction in my life that Distracts me from Pain, from Sin, from Hopelessness... Distract me from the needs and wants... and Pull me into Yourself... Your Hope, Your Love and Your Salvation... Lord You Be MY Greatest Distraction!!!!   

.... Angela Means Kadingo



Betsy said...

Ahh! Paramedics. I grew up in a household of them. My Dad worked part-time as one. Both of my much older brothers were paramedics. So our dinner table conversation was about all kinds of things. Delivering babies, disgusting bodily functions, people dying. It was just dinner time at our house! When I got older I was surprised that other people were grossed out by that kind of stuff! I was a nursing assistant at the age of 15 and loved taking care of people. I always wanted to be a nurse.

And, I love your little room. I think my camping trailer is much like your room. I could happily sit in it all day, everyday and read and knit and crochet.

Debra said...

Betsy--wow! Interesting dinner conversations. :) When it comes to things like nursing and being a mortician, fireman, etc., to me, it clearly shows the hand of God and how He has given gifts to people and how--without those gifts--it's hard for us to understand how others can do what we can't even imagine doing. It was a freeing time for me to finally understand that. I stopped wondering why I would never be able to handle so many jobs out there and ceased looking down on myself because I was just me and rather helpless. heh.

Your camping trailer sounds like such a perfect getaway place!

Blessings, Debra

Anonymous said...

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