Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Of Thinking About Pennies And Such

Woo hoo! Election Day is over. And so are the political commercials.

Hallelujah. :)


Oh, did you read what NancyR wrote in my comment box last time regarding my slave wages from Opinion Outpost?

"The $6.80 might seem like a small amount, but considering the wonderful bargains you find at local estate and yard sales, who knows what treasures you will be able to purchase with that money?"

Oh wow. She is so right! I mean, just think... In the past, with $6.80 I bought all this:

And for another $6.80, I bought the head vases:

.... along with the clock:

I bought all of this for that same amount (except for the teapot):

And for another $6.80 I bought the chickens, the soap dish and soap:

Plus the clock and the phone:

And I could even sell this stuff on Craig's List if I needed to for additional money in my apron pocket.

So thanks, Nancy, for that perspective. I'm gonna remember that.


Speaking of Nancy, I emailed her yesterday that I'm one of those people who thrives on certain challenges. I mean, Tom and I have always lived in small houses, but rather than pine away for a money-gulping monstrosity, I welcome the challenge of making a little home feel larger. I'm brainstorming and seeking clever places for all our junk, er, everything. And when I have it (Life) too good, too easy, I actually feel like I'm cheating, being happy with what anybody could.

I even enjoy cooking something from what appears like an empty cupboard or by using, say, something unconventional like a grandfather clock in which to stack my books or using coupons and myriad little ideas so to save money.

Those kinds of challenges make me feel, well, awake. Excited to get out of bed in the mornings so I can think, make-do and create all afternoon.

And perhaps that's why I've enjoyed these joblessness months way more than a normal person should. That, and the way that God continues to bless us so openly with joy and tons of visits from Grace.


And speaking of blessings, a huge thanks to the three of you who submitted your email addresses for me to pass along to Opinion Outpost! That blessed my socks off--totally. Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you.


Anonymous said...

It is amazing what one can do with a little bit of money and a lot of imagination and ingenuity!

I love the clocks you have gotten for next to nothing. The style and grace, the lovely old feel, their presence make a statement. I wouldn't care it they actually worked or not. They are special. That phone, the head vases (I have seen them at antique shows for a lot of money) and the pictures and pottery add so much charm to a home.

Anyone can spend a lot of money hiring a decorator to come in and fill a house with the latest trend. I was in a house like that recently and it felt cold and too perfect. It is the little things that show OUR personalities, that make a home warm and inviting.

My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

You are definately a MASTER at shopping for bargains. :0)

Unknown said...

Amazing what a little can buy these days if you look in the right places.

Anonymous said...

The difference is creativity! The God of the universe is the author of creativity so you are being more like Him! I love your blog- thank you! And I will be 51 in Jan too. I understand about those pictures- I still Feel 18 but when I look in the mirror who is that old broad staring back at me??? Heehee! Angela