Friday, November 19, 2010

Mornings 'Round Here

"His mercies are new every morning..."


Often, I awake during the night to check the alarm clock. "Is it time to get up yet?" I ask myself in anticipation.

And sometimes it's only 4:30 but I'll arise anyway. In the darkness, I slip into my slipper-shoes and then silently lift my robe from the hook behind the door.

I step into the lamp light of the kitchen and think, "It's morning!" And into my head pops all that that means:

Making and drinking my hot chocolate while I watch the dear people on our local news, the ones who make me laugh in between the bad and good news. Sitting with Lennon on my blanket-layered lap, scratching his ears and drinking my chocolate and then leaning back in the recliner.

Then I'll check my email, my blog and my Facebook for comments and concerns from others and I'll click upon my blogroll for your new thoughts (and be inspired). Maybe the news will still be playing or maybe by now I've got headphones over my head while listening to Joyce Meyer and learning from her on stage, even after 16 years. 

Usually I'm munching a bowl of Mom's Best cereal in all the anointing.

Darkness still reigns outside, but I grab my coat from our living room closet and tiptoe past the bedroom, through the kitchen then out to the back porch and down the driveway (breathing deeply of country air) and to the mailbox where Tom's newspaper waits. Then back to the house, the tiptoeing, the putting away of my coat and the paper.

Maybe I'll write here, in my blog. By now, Time is growing short so I hurry through my words (sorry). But the inspiration usually does arrive right before the cats must be fed, which I do quietly, and then straighten some rooms in more silence and prepare Tom's before-breakfast snack, always the same; two prunes, five almonds and 1/2 cup orange juice. Good for him and he likes it, year following year.

By now Time is pouring from between my fingers and I stand at the bay windows in morning light to see if all is right with my side yard world and squeeze some grateful thoughts from my brain. Lennon sits upon my table in the windows and we both watch the early birds. "Hurry and enjoy this," I think to myself.

And then it's time to awaken Tom.

Yet, even then, my mind skips ahead to when I'll have Second Breakfast (remember that from Lord of the Rings?), which is just coffee and toast at 10:30, but so much more. That will be my coffee break, after having made Tom's oatmeal and zipping through some housework, but it's my time there in the windows. Or rather, His and mine, our time for books and scribbling notes and staring at the trees and yard and the late birds.

Morning after new morning after new morning.

No wonder I so often check that alarm clock in the night.


Though I should be honest and add that, on the occasions when my routine gets messed with (as in, when Tom gets up way too early), I've been known to become quite the cranky little lady.

Yes, me. :)

And on yard sale mornings, Second Breakfast gets moved to afternoon. But I'm ok with that.


"My voice will come to you in the morning, O Lord; in the morning will I send my prayer to you, and keep watch." ... Psalm 5:3



K.E. said...

When I was young, I would get up after my dad left for work. While everyone else slept, I'd watch the farm report, eat breakfast, listen to the radio. I remember hearing "Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds" for the first time on one such morning. Every time I hear that song, I'm by myself in the kitchen while the world is sleeping.

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

Oh, yes, my daughter and I often talk about Second Breakfast. :)

I just FOUND YOU again! When I switched from Bloglines to Google Reader, I knew I was missing favorite blogs but it wasn't until I took the time to look through Bloglines (when they were planning to close) that I found those that I lost. :)

Pat said...

Such a better plan then sleeping in, which I'm guilty of way to often. I'm always sorry when I do, the best part of the day is gone!
I also love the second breakfast!

Thickethouse.wordpress said...

Love that early morning time! You make even more of it than I do, Debra.....I've been thinking of you and Tom a lot lately and how glad you must be that you took the trip out west and have all those great memories of a wonderful adventure together! It was so the right thing to do. And I know you will do well with the next part of your lives, too.

Deborah Raney said...

Oh, I love mornings too! When I was younger I needed 8 full hours of sleep. Now (silver lining of menopause, I'm sure) I can easily get by on 6. Those 2 extra hours are morning hours and I love them. I'm perched by the fireplace now and it's peaceful and quiet and I'm about to go make a cup of hot chocolate because you make it sound so perfect, Debra! Have a wonderful weekend...

Donetta said...

Every morning Every day I have thought of you and Tom. I did watch that utube on the singlely real woman who followed her heart no matter the call of others ideas. She is a live doing what 'she can still do" just altering it a bit as she said.

I have felt as if to be her would only be as an artist acknowledge only after death. To think of those who are so imspired by her true to face life. It encourages me about humanity.

Mine is often the late hours of the night when all is calm. Dash wakes early so little chance of a good enogh sleep to rise before him.
A blanket and tea. Water and bread so easily tea and toast. The silence, that is what it is for me the silence to think and ponder through a thing without interruptions.

I hope you heard my heart last comment. That it was not one found to be misunderstood.
It's just that the blues can give the gift of healing. Dont want to think of you stuffing all that. The courage is a place more comfortable to me. Those old blues will just not go away truley till we give them respect I think.
HOpe Tom is doing better. Disability is harder on the heart of a man. He must know that he can cut it where it matters most. His body will no longer 'cut it' for him. I am able to get it some with the place that life has humbled me into.
Remember every man must know that "they can cut it' that is their internal question.

Anonymous said...

I do not understand why such a fuss. Anything new and different opinions.