Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Inspiration For Others Of You Artist Types

Oh, the inspiration!

Tom and I just now finished watching the documentary, Amargosa.

Wow. You've got to love a 1960's ballet dancer who moves to a desert town (pop. 10, at least as of 1999) from NYC, leases the abandoned theater, paints her own audience upon the walls and then dances upon the stage for the next forty years! 

Oh my, she inspires all who visit her theater in literally the middle of nowhere, also known as Death Valley Junction.

To get just a taste of what we saw, here's a youtube video.

We watched Amargosa on the instant view thingamajig at Netflix. My only quibble was with the part about the residing ghosts, but it was easy to skip that chapter.

No bad language, no s-e-x, just lots and lots of artistic inspiration to do whatever God has called you to do. To do it faithfully, with joy, year after year, with or without an audience.

At least, I came away with all that.


"Just do it."


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Unknown said...

Really great Debra, Thanks so much.