Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Where Debra Takes a Spill

Oh for Pete's sake.

Late Monday afternoon, I stepped half-on, half-off the sidewalk outside our back door, couldn't right myself and splat! Felt every one of my ridiculous _____ pounds when I fell. Scraped (and bruised) both knees and my right palm. 

Of course, I immediately gazed all around in case anyone saw me. Heh.

Sheesh. I picked myself up, waited seconds to see if I'd broken anything (I hadn't) and felt grateful for my thick wool coat which kept my arms from being sidewalk-shredded. A few summer days (over the years) I'd stepped wrong like that, but had never actually gone down.

Not so fortunate this time, but hey! It could've been much worse.

So I took yesterday off. Well, I tried, anyway, because let's face it-- for women at home Life tends to be this way:

Amen, right? :)   But I must've gotten some rest because, from the red couch, I watched Sunset Boulevard and The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, oh, and parts of For The Love of Spock, all via Netflix instant view. (Don't you love the convenience which is Netflix?)

And today I'm feeling better. Oh, I'm a little stiff and can't use my knees to get up off the floor, which yeah, is might tricky, especially at my age.

But mostly? Color me grateful. Grateful that nothing was broken, and the whole neighborhood wasn't watching and for the remarkable way God heals our bodies, seals-up our skin, erases our bruises, again and again.

Thankful, too, that if you've fallen, I now understand what an unpleasant shock that is--and--I'll (hopefully) be more empathetic in the future. And anything which brings extra understanding toward others is a good thing. Indeed.


"And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose."   ... Romans 8:28


Oh, and I can't blame the spill on the ice out there. It had been cleared, though I did step into snow before reaching the sidewalk, so perhaps... But more likely, it's the stepping half on, half off the long center of my shoe that threw me. And of course,  my you're-no-graceful-gymnast-anymore-ya-know-ness.  :)


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Betsy said...

Oh Debra, I'm so sorry you fell. Although I giggled a bit at the looking around to see if anyone noticed. I've been there, done that! Oh my! It is SO embarrassing isn't it? I am grateful that you weren't hurt worse and yes, I think anything that makes us more compassionate to others is ultimately a good thing. We have so much ice was -4F on our deck this morning! So cold the snow squeaks when you walk on it. Brrrr. I hope you're soon back to normal and all healed up my friend.
Blessings always,

Anonymous said...

Uh oh!! Oh heck, I would have done the same thing... look around and hope like crazy that nobody witnessed it! But, on the other hand, had you really hurt yourself, you would then hope like crazy that somebody HAD seen it! Anyway, so glad you are okay! I concur 100% with the cartoon, by the way!!! Feel better fast, dear Debra!!

Pam said...

Thank God you didn't break anything. Sometimes we find ourselves in predicaments that happen so fast, they make our heads spin (quite literally for me, a couple of weeks ago). I so appreciate your praise for God's healing powers. Isn't it awesome how quickly we heal!? Take care of might need a few more days on the couch to make absolutely sure that you're okay ;)

Deborah Raney said...

Falling is one of my biggest fears now that I've reached a certain age. I'm SO grateful you didn't hurt yourself seriously, and I love that you are allowing this to make you more sensitive to others who've taken a tumble. I'm going to try harder to be more empathetic that way! It's a great quality of yours! Glad it's intact even if you're sporting a few bruises elsewhere. :)

Debra said...

Betsy--I'm so sorry you've also fallen! Yikes. Happens so fast, right? And brrr! What a cold temp at your house. Do stay warm, ok?

Susan--I thought of that, too--about what if I had been hurt and you know? Suddenly I was very grateful--again--that we weren't out at the farm, but instead, living so close to houses all around that I could easily have yelled and neighbors would have come running. :) And yes! I loved that cartoon for its truth. heh.

Pam--I've taken your advice and spent some extra hours on the couch. :) I hope your head spinning time wasn't too bad--kinda scary this growing older, stuff, right? But thank goodness we have God to help!

Deb-- thank-you so much for your concern--you're so sweet! Praying you always stay on your feet better than I did! :)

Thanks so much, Ladies! Blessings, Debra