Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Rolled Down Any Hills Lately?


This morning I put up that old header photo and thought, "I miss that living room arrangement! But we bought our fireplace later so, oh well, it can no longer be done."

But then I sat in the living room until I figured a way it could be done. 

Also, I'd been wanting a coffee table like the big kids at Pinterest, so well, two-and-a-half hours (and a couple game shows) later, I'm now wearily resting and enjoying the new arrangement with the squeezed-in coffee table I'd previously stuck in a corner.

(But I must warn you minimalists that this might make you dizzy)---

And why our fireplace always photographs like we bought it at a fire sale, I've no clue!

Here's the other side--

Sometimes you thirst for change. You neeeed to rearrange your living room, even if, at first, it feels impossible. For me, this was so one of those times. 

For too many months I told myself, "There's only one way to arrange this room," and allowed my frustration to make me crave a house with a decent-sized living room.

But what I finally remembered? When your creativity feels tied-up, challenged, nearly always there's a higher creative plan/place if only you'll brush off the rampant negativity which so easily clings to us in today's world.

And it's a wonderful day when we climb to that new place, also pulling others up with us. 

“Always listen to experts. They'll tell you what can't be done, and why. Then do it.” 
― Robert A. HeinleinTime Enough for Love

"I respect my limitations, but I don't use them as an excuse."  --- Stephen R. Donaldson

When we learn to view hard times as doable challenges rather than impossible problems, we begin to grow exponentially. 


Another great thing about rearranging? It's the perfect opportunity to vacuum-up all the secret fallen things like paper, cough drop wrappers and dust in hidden places.  :)


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Betsy said...

Isn't perspective funny? I look at your living room and think how BIG it looks, but cozy at the same time! Our living room really is tiny and not even room for a little coffee table but I'm learning to appreciate and be grateful for the home I have. I would like a much, much smaller one and maybe that will happen. Maybe not. I'm trying to learn to be content in all circumstances. I get to start watching Gilmore Girls this afternoon and I'm so looking forward to that!
Blessings my friend,

Pam said...

Deb, I appreciate your can-do attitude. So much of what limits us is within our own mind. Your living room looks very inviting. I always enjoy your photos. Hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas!

Deborah Raney said...

It looks cozy as can be! There's something about rearranging furniture that keeps my contentment level just right. :) Good for you! And hope you have a wonderful, blessed Christmas!