Sunday, March 27, 2016

After The Grey Week ...

Oh my... The reason I barely wrote here this past week? We only saw the sun on Monday morning. The week's remainder was grey.  !@#$%^

Eegads--I did everything I tell you to do in rough times--everything--but still I struggled, fought, with all that darkness outside our windows. Ol' Cheerful Debra had to apply more discipline than usual with her head, you know, forbidding it to enter morbid places. (You can do that, you know, right?)

Truly, I wonder if I'm a solar-powered human. My 'battery' seems to run way down after three or four grey days. 

Anyway, the best part is that Jesus felt as close, as real, as He always does and that's partly why (as I've told you before) I can't chime in with everyone at Facebook about the 'It's Friday, but Sunday is coming' thing. I cannot, for even one second, place Jesus back inside that tomb and then go waiting around until Sunday to bring him back out. Are you kidding?

Uh, no. Without Him every single second of my life, I'd be doomed. Every day He saves me, enriches me, makes me smile even when it's grey outside with not one green leaf on any trees, anywhere. Every day His resurrection is celebrate-able and necessary, vital, to my well-being.

And more--this entire weekend we're experiencing extreme sunshine and oh, my head has returned to its correct place! Wow, the healing wonder of springtime light. 

But I must thank The Lover of My Soul for not allowing my heart, during the grey times, to wander even one iota. From beginning to end, it's all of Him. I'll be sunk if it ever becomes all of me. Sunk. Truly.

                                 Every Day Is Easter. (Click here.)


How bad did I get last week? My nephew's sweet wife posted this photo at Facebook of him and their dog taking a walk:

 ... and--when I spied all the green leaves and lawns--tears suddenly stung my eyes. I had to zip away from Facebook and pull myself together.

Hmmm... Is ol' Debra nearing the age where she'll need to become a snowbird? Or totally break ties with her beloved state for her sanity's sake? Or just accept these few grey-day-stretches of February/March/April as her cross to bear? 

Stay tuned.

P.S.  ---And yes, perhaps it's finally time to invest in one of those special lights created for people with S.A.D.  I'm thinking I just may seriously look into one so that I won't have to come here and whine to all you good people.  :)

P.P.S.  Hooray! I dug out an old brown desk lamp from my closet, one whose lightbulb I can aim at my face. I used it at our dining room table this morning and I think it's going to make a good difference! 


Happy Easter to all my readers!



Terra Hangen said...

I like what you wrote, Every day is Easter. Have a blessed Easter friend, and the sun will shine again.

Betsy said...

What you wrote is true and I love it, but some of us need the reminder of Ressurection day! :-). Have a wonderful Easter and up enjoy your sunshine. (We have the rain today!)

Debra said...

Terra--thank-you! I really do believe every day is Easter. :) Did you check out the poem by following that link? I really liked it, too. I hope your Easter was special--we had so much sun that it felt like a truckload of medicine to me! :)

Betsy--oh, I have no problem with celebrating the reminder of Easter. It's just that I've seen too many people put up with sadness and depression on Good Friday and Saturday as if Jesus really is in the grave again. And then they celebrate happily on Easter, but it's in a trying-to-force-the-happiness way. And *that* is what grieves me. Jesus is always alive!

Thanks for commenting, Ladies! Blessings, Debra