Friday, March 11, 2016

A Sense of Humor: Don't Leave Home Without It.

This ancient post (2005?) came to mind more than once recently, what with all that's currently swirling around us.

Oh dear.


Back in the 90's I read a humorous, teasing article in a Christian magazine about fasting. It asked questions like, how many Tic Tacs can you eat without it being considered cheating? And, if you make a liquid shake out of your favorite foods, is that considered bad form? Things like that. Things we've all felt before, if we're honest. 

It had cartoon drawings, even, and I, personally, found the article hilarious. Cute and reminiscent of times in my own past. 

But. I cringed because I knew what the Letters To The Editor section of next month's issue would look like. See, I've been around sucking-on-a-lemon-face-church-people my whole life and I know what ol' sober-sides they can be. 

I knew trouble was coming--and uh-oh, I was right. 

The following month? Tons of letters screamed about the 'irreverence displayed by the author toward the hallowed subject of fasting.' "He was a clod and how dare he joke about fasting that way?", they said.

I rolled my eyes (not just once) and thought, "For heaven's sake! Can't we lighten up? No wonder the non-saved don't want what we have. I don't want that, either!"

If I can't take my sense of humor with me, I'll grow old light-years-quick. If I take Life (and myself) so seriously and refuse to lighten-up, then I'm on the road to becoming morose, and well, I refuse to become a morose Christian who repels others, rather than drawing them, 
making them thirsty for joy and freedom.

The quota's already filled on those. 

I've watched too many friends, relatives and favorite authors, even, go from joy-filled to bitter and sarcastic as they age and I've told Tom a few times after phone conversations with those folks, "You have my permission to shoot me if I ever become like that."

No, I'd rather search out the humor in a humorless day. I'll let God cheer me when I could easily crash, instead, and I'll recall blessings rather than count the bad times. I'll cling to my sense of humor, even if others are dropping theirs beside the road.

You can do as you wish, but I'll keep choosing fullness of joy, the unspeakable, full-of-glory kind, no matter what.

Fill mine to the brim, please. 


Our mouths were filled with laughter, our tongues with songs of joy. Then it was said among the nations, "The Lord has done great things for them." ... Psalm 126:2

"Seven days without laughter make one weak." ... Joel Goodman 

"I want to start right and finish right."   ... Joyce Meyer



Pam said...

Amen. Love that verse that reminds us it's the JOY of the Lord that is our strength. Doesn't mean we're slappy happy 24/7, but there's that deep and abiding truth that we are loved, forgiven and known by our awesome God. It is hard to walk away from the lemon-sucking brand of religion--especially if you were raised in that type of environment as a child. I have some friends who seem to think they're locked into denominations and belief systems that produce questionable results. Nearly 40 yrs ago, I left the church of my childhood. My parents weren't happy about it, but I knew there must be more than rules and regulations. Thank God, He made Himself known to me and has never let me down.

Debra said...

Pam--you are such a kindred spirit! Reading your comment was like reading a page from my own life--except you wrote it better. :) Thanks so much! Blessings, Debra