Wednesday, March 09, 2016

The Country May Be in Turmoil, But Debra's Having Fun :)

"Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice!"   ... Philippians 4:4


Oh, my yard's been filled with sun and warmth and I feel as though I'm cheating, what with this head start upon springtime chores, this gathering of dead leaves, pruning rose bushes, turning the compost pile and reading upon the front porch.

Giddy. Just color me giddy.

Well, this morning amongst the bare trees and sunlight upon my shoulders, I finished Phyllis Whitney's Mystery of the Strange Traveler, my favorite of her books which have arrived here lately. I'm rereading her teen mysteries--these are ones I, at 17, carried home through short-cuts from that 1920's log cabin library I told you about in Chester, CA.

Did you know Phyllis Whitney wrote books until age 94 and lived to be 104? Always, I appreciate people who faithfully did what God gifted them to do, folks who didn't spend their years only thinking about what they could do.


Last month, these words kept me awake while lying in bed on dark nights around 2 a.m.: "Maybe if you'd cut back on sugary foods, you'd finally get over this bronchitis one-hundred percent."

Then finally last Monday morning, upon my pillow, I thought, "Fine! Okay, okay. I'll cut back on sugar. Sheesh."

That afternoon, Tom brought home 4 boxes of Girl Scout cookies. 

!*@%$^%.  He'd wanted to help a co-worker's young daughter achieve her cookie-selling dreams.

Eegads. It's frustrating how often this happens. Yet, earlier that day, I'd almost sent him a bring-no-sweets-home-again email. But I didn't do that. Almost was I persuaded to obey that nudge, but no, I ignored it.

What I'm seeing lately? Even though Tom and I have been married forever--still--we must work at communication. Assuming we know each other's thoughts, even after 37 years, does not work. 

Of course, the challenge then becomes to communicate, but not nag or throw frustration fits. As with most things, balance must be sought.

Anyway, the following day, (since I cannot be trusted with 4 boxes of cookies in the house), I carried two of them across the street to Sally's. We had a nice visit, there with Buddy the Dog between us on the couch, and Sally joked about perhaps not letting the rest of her family know I'd given her the cookies.  :)

Life is good, God especially makes it so, none more so than upon this cusp of glorious Springtime.


Did anyone else watch Finding Vivian Maier through Netflix? I saw it again, this time with Tom, who also found it, well--perhaps not as fascinating as I did--but pretty close.


When you live in Buffalo, this is one incredible March forecast, indeed.:



Betsy said...

When you live in Spokane that's a great forecast too! Actually ours is been in the 50s and are predicted to stay there this week. What a nice winter we had this year. I'm with you on the sweets. We have Bible study here every Thursday evening. I bake for that so I can have one piece of whatever it is I make. Then I send the rest home with some poor unsuspecting soul! We, too, been married 37 years and although I would like to think we read each other's minds, it isn't quite that good! I still find myself having to explain what I want or how I feel and he does the same. I also used to read those same mysteries. Our library was a little trailer in the small town that I lived in Iowa. I could lose myself for hours there.
Blessings, Betsy

Judy said...

We WALKED to the polls yesterday to vote. WITHOUT coats. In Michigan! On March 8!

Diana said...

YES! I watched Finding Vivian Maier, and was intrigued by it! I love the lives of eccentric people!! What a talent she had and what a life!
Thanks for much for recommending it!
I wait on baited breathe every day for your posts! Just love them.
Be Well!
diana in Illinois

Tracy Lee said...

We're having warm days in the 70s here and it's glorious! I've never heard of Phyllis A. Whitney - but her books sound right up my alley. :)

Oh and my favorite Girl Scout Cookies are the Thin Mints. I can buy the exact same cookies at Dollar General for $1 (I believe it's Sweet Clover Valley - DG's brand).