Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Still Trying To Not Be All Prepper-Like, But ---

                          My Autumn daisies

Lately my head wakes me up around 4:00 a.m. with, "Get up! There's food to bag, online articles about finance and preparedness to read and prepper videos to watch and that huge, messy project aka Cleaning-Out The Bad-Secret Basement."

Oh, and there's Clara's videos. Always, I'll be grateful that prepping led me to my new Internet Grandma, Clara. Have you watched the one where she gave a tour of her home? (Be still my all-things-home-loving heart. Especially appreciated her bedroom, the photos and the Italian opera music.) Or did you see this page with a ton of her cooking videos? Clara's even got me using my oven again. Wow.

There's that feeling now in our Autumn Cool Air that one should prepare for Winter, though this year I'm prepping for more than just a season of bitter cold. And the wild thing? I'm loving the focus and fun of every detail. Hence my brain shaking me awake so early.

Only a handful of my friends feel that something huge is around the corner for our Country--the rest say they'll continue to 'live by faith.' 

But uh-oh! 

'Faith without works is dead.'  (James 2:17)

And 'The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and pay the penalty.'  (Proverbs 27:12)

And 'A wise man thinks ahead; a fool doesn’t.' (Proverbs 13:16)

And -----

I'm trying not to all the time write here about prepping (honest), but it's so on my heart and what's coming is, many of us feel, different than anything we've ever seen before. Plus, I'd hate for you to blame me later for not sounding any sort of a warning. 

Call me crazy--that's ok. But as other of my fellow-crazies are quipping, "I'd rather be wrong and prepared than be wrong and not ready."

Yep. That's it. That's the way I'm feeling.

"While people are saying, "Peace and safety," destruction will come on them suddenly, as labor pains on a pregnant woman, and they will not escape."   ... 1 Thessalonians 5:3


While looking through a box of dusty books at a yard sale, I asked Tom to see how much an old ink drawing print was. When he returned, he whispered, "They said they'd take $10." I told him I'd think about it. It was definitely worth $10, but I felt especially cheap that day.  

I found no interesting books so I walked back to the car and there was Tom placing the ink drawing inside-- what a happy surprise!

He said he talked them down to $5.  :)

          (The line toward the left is not as pronounced in real life.)

Anyone else find it as cool as both Tom and I do?


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Tracy Lee said...

Oh I can't wait o watch the tour of Clara's home! I love seeing others decorate and live. :)

I enjoy your "prepper" posts. It reminds me to keep vigilant & motivated in my own home.

Susan Humeston said...

I watched the Clara episode where she takes you on a tour of her house and I loved it. I have an older house and the kitchen has not been updated. I complain from time to time, but you know what? You can cook just as well in an old kitchen as you can in one with all the bells and whistles. Then I watched Part I and II of baking Sicilian Fig cookies for Christmas. When she needed to roll out cookies she put flour on the wood table and rolled out the dough - no fuss. Her equipment was 1940's and not fancy - it made me realize I have everything I need even if it isn't 2015 modern. I don't have a dish washer and I don't have a garbage disposal - and I do just fine, just like Clara. Thanks for these videos!!

Debra said...

Tracy--I'm sure you enjoyed Clara's tour after you left here. As you know, I also love seeing how others decorate! Thanks for mentioning liking my prepper posts--isn't there a bit of fun in focusing and trying to be ready for anything at home?

Susan--exactly the way I feel! Perhaps Clara didn't realize she was teaching us contentment. I love the way her kitchen looked so cozy and the way she reminded us that the old ways still work today. So glad you're also enjoying her videos!

Thanks, Ladies! ... Blessings, Debra

Pam said...

Clara's home tour was wonderful. She did a wonderful job of caring for herself and her home, considering her age. Sure hope I can be that independent and industrious in my 90s!

Debra said...

Pam--that's what I was thinking also. You could tell that Clara appreciated a neat and tidy home and her independence. A very special woman, indeed! Blessings, Debra