Tuesday, September 08, 2015

No, I Didn't Disappear

"You will go out in joy and be led forth in peace; the mountains and hills will burst into song before you, and all the trees of the field will clap their hands."   ... Isaiah 55:12


Still here!

It's just that ol' Debra is having an interesting and dare I say--fun--time becoming a full-fledged prepper.

No, not the wild, gonna-build-me-a-bunker kind. 

But since I've already mentioned this, I'll not bore you with more. It all feels very led-by-God, for the peace and inspiration keep flowing. Yet in other areas whenever I'm led only by my head? Talk about fizzle. Fast.

Anyway, there are free prepper kindle books at Amazon. Check them out if you dare.  :) I'm having a grand ol' time being instructed and stretched outside of my usual oh-hum box. 


Oh, the humidity! 

And in September. What's up with that?

But this is supposed to be our last ridiculous day (hallelujah) so perhaps soon I'll be able to be all foolhardy and sit outside and read again(!)

Being old yard sale die-hards, Tom and I slogged through a few this Labor Day weekend in spite of the heat and I came away thrilled to find this tickled-me book:

... which was aimed at a younger audience than I'm used to, but Judy was such a hoot (and reminiscent of Ramona) that I didn't mind. What a treat.

Also, I found Pearl, by Lauraine Snelling which you can read about here

And it seems like I lugged home more books, but can I find them? No. Sigh.

Stay tuned.

(We spent much of our holiday weekend at home in our cool house, but as I told Tom, if I had to be 'stuck' inside the house, I'd prefer to be stuck with him over anyone else.)


What's Cooking in my Crockpot Today?  Pork Stew


Tom and I are still shocked at how much we're enjoying the clever, creative show called Granite Flats. Wow. Incredibly unique. (We're watching Season 3 now.)


Free Kindle books:

Murder at the Book Fair

The Ranchers

Harebrained: It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time



*Reading Between the Lines* said...

Good afternoon.
I had to let you know that I enjoyed watching Granite Flats too! I Don't usually watch a whole series,but this one I did. I think the time frame is what kept me watching,as I was born in 1958.
Take care & stay cool. :)
Nancy from Montana

Georgene G. said...

Any chance you might be interested in sharing which books you are currently reading? :-) I followed the Amazon link and there are a LOT of books on that list.