Friday, September 25, 2015

Now That Autumn's Here

"See, I am doing a new thing! ... I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland."   ...Isaiah 43:19



Gorgeous, but bittersweet because of what follows--and if The Farmer's Almanac is correct--what's coming will be a doozy.

May we all be prepared. Again, in all ways, for anything.

Which reminds me: For my fellow Preppers--- I've discovered the simplest way to attend 'Prepper College.' Just 'take classes' by way of Pinterest. Wow. Those classes never end. 

Check out my college here.

You're acquainted with the Einstein quote, "The more I learn, the more I realize how much I don't know," right? Well, for the first time ever, I finally feel that way. Previously in other areas, I've felt more like, "The more I learn, the less remains to be learned." 

But oh my, this living a self-sustaining lifestyle information is spinning my head. But pleasantly so, which makes me think God is nudging me along.

He does make all things new/alive/interesting, you know. Again, when He is behind them.

"For my yoke is easy and my burden is light."   ... Matthew 11:30


See these blank books?

Last year, my friend, Robin in New Jersey, mailed me the blue one (she made it. Isn't she clever?) and at a yard sale I bought the green one. 

I went throughout both books and placed a letter of the alphabet on each of three pages (for quick reference later). I use Robin's book for general information I want to remember and the green one is to corral all the Prepper info. racing 'round my head.

And there is your Lesson of Practicality for the day.


In my WalMart episode post, I mentioned a watch Naomi gave me. She said she spied it, liked it, then thought, "But who do I know who still wears a watch and doesn't carry a cell phone? Aha! Mom."  :)

Such a spiffy watch! I even keep it as a decoration on my nightstand. Probably explains why I often forget to wear it, but seeing it each night before I go to bed reminds me of Naomi. And that is pleasant.


Here are Daniel and Sammy having a conversation around our table yesterday afternoon:

Oh! And could I ask a favor? I dropped by Sally's house yesterday morning and she's still having the headaches she mentioned to me during our visit here. Her son will be taking her in for tests next week. 

I told her I'd be praying and if you'll join me, I'd so appreciated it. Thank-you much. She's the cutest little thing-- I wish you all had Sally for a neighbor.

Oh, and my buddy, Anne, is having a broken tooth pulled by an oral surgeon today and I know she'd appreciate your prayers throughout the day....  (Ol' Debra knows about having teeth pulled and always prays like crazy before each one.  Gah.) 


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