Monday, August 10, 2015

It's All Good. Even So.

"Therefore, be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord..."   ... 1 Corinthians 15:58


About fifteen years ago Tom and I knew a couple around our age, Terrence and Genie, (I'll call them), from a 'sister church' of ours. Twice we went out to eat with them and at least once we shared meals in each others' homes. 

Sweetest couple, ever, Terrence and Genie. Terrence often reminded me of my meek, quiet grandfather, in fact.

Then, sadly, Terrence became sick and, tragically, soon passed away. Afterward, Genie moved to a different state to be near relatives and later I found her by way of Facebook (though for a couple years I didn't see her there). She missed our area and hoped to move back someday. This month we discovered she had.

So by way of Facebook, I invited Genie over to lunch for Sunday afternoon and she sounded excited about coming. I gave her our 'new' address and told her Tom and I were anticipating her visit after not seeing her in ages.

On Friday I began cleaning house, but not the consuming, must-make-it-all-perfect way that I used to years ago. Thankfully, I've picked up some common sense since then. By Sunday everything was presentable, including the yard, but certainly not spic and span. Dinner was on the stove and I even made a jello salad, something I'd not done in literally years.

But uh-oh! Genie never showed up. 

Perhaps she forgot. Maybe she lost Internet service and hadn't seen my last two private messages at Facebook. Maybe something important came up with one of her children's families nearby. She'd attended a pool party the day before so I'm telling myself not to worry about that. Worry solves nothing, but surely spoils much.

Anyway, yes, Tom and I were disappointed, and yet? We ate the Fideo and jello salad--Tom raved about both, probably to encourage me--but actually, I was already happy. I gazed around the room and appreciated that I was caught-up on chores. Monday's tasks would be a cinch. Things smelled yummy (during summer we get whiffs of 'basement scent' so that's saying something) and I could relax and read and dream the rest of the sunny day.

We'd experienced another fun weekend together, someday we'd discover why Genie hadn't arrived and in the meantime? God was still God, I'd stepped-out and invited Genie over (I'd been lazy about having company the past 2 years...tsk, tsk... and feeling convicted about it), my sinus headaches were gone and peace still reigned in our home.

It was all good, even so! Just as it was, just as it is when God is truly number 1. His peace is that unshakable, that over-powering-ly palpable because He is that mighty, that real, yes, even in Today's shaken-up world.


And yes, I'll keep trying to contact Genie to see what's up.  :)


Isn't she a vintage cutie? She was another yard sale find this weekend and will be living inside my dollhouse upstairs in Debra's World.


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Karla Neese said...

I found you from a link at another blog and am so happy to discover your little home here!

Thanks for the reminder! I need it lately more than usual.

Tracy Lee said...

I'm sorry your friend didn't show up. I hope all is well with her.

Love the little doll. She is adorable!

Terra said...

Let us know what happened to your friend, I hope all is well and she will see you again. Maybe you could meet for coffee or lunch in a restaurant and not have to do all the cleaning and cooking this next time. You had a fun day with hubby, just not the one you planned.

Pam said...

What a great attitude you had when Genie didn't make it. I'll bet there's a very good reason, but it's never easy to understand when others leave us wondering. I hope and pray she is okay. Glad you were able to enjoy your home and delicious meal, anyway.

Bonnie said...

Welcome, Karla! You're going to love it here. Debra is so upbeat and thoughtful and so are all her regulars. Debra.....enjoy that clean house!

Debra said...

Karla--welcome! I'm so glad to meet you and hope you'll be around for a long time.

Tracy--I still haven't heard from Genie--it's a mystery! :) Glad you like the little doll--I think she's happy in her new home.

Terra--aww, I didn't mind cleaning the house, especially since Tom cleaned the bathroom for me (that's probably my least favorite task and he doesn't mind it much). My hearing being what it is, I prefer entertaining here since there's less background noise, and well, just because I'm such an ol' homebody. :)

Pam--yep, the mystery continues re: Genie. But I'm still feeling ok about it. :)

Bonnie--Yep, I've been enjoying the cleaner house this week--it even enabled me to do some special projects I'd been procrastinating. We have more company coming this weekend so the cleaning continues! :)

Thanks, Everyone! Blessings, Debra