Saturday, August 08, 2015

Book Blessed

Wow. This morning Tom and I drove to what must be the reading-est street in our town. Nearly each of the yard sales there (10 perhaps?) had one or two boxes full of books. Not just regular ol' book-books, but vintage kids lit.

Vintage kids' lit.

Be still my happy heart! I'd not pawed through that many kids books in years and most cost just .25 cents. These are the ones I, a couple hours later, giddily carried inside our back door:

Oh, what a retro-delightful, dream-come-true home library God has given me. Our town's library can't compare to mine vintage kids'-lit.-wise. Imho.

Also? I found this handy, beautifully-illustrated book of herb remedies, uses and recipes:

The cost you ask? A mere quarter.

Tom also found things which delighted him and as if this all wasn't enough,we then walked through 2 old, old homes where estate sales were being held. I didn't buy anything, but simply enjoyed doing all my dreamy-eyed imagining as I do and climbed many stairs to a 3rd floor attic with decades' old furniture arranged and used as a guest room.

Yes, it sounds odd, but a morning like this is my favorite kind of fun.

It just is.


Anyone else enjoy Running Wild With Bear Grylls immensely as Tom and I do? The only thing that makes me crazy and perturbed every single week, though, is the way Bear gives the stars impossible, scary mountains to climb or descend. Good grief. As I've told Tom before, "Doesn't Bear realize that just one maimed or dead tv star and he is finished. Over. Caput. Done-with forever?"

But other than that, I love this show.  :) How good to hear the stars' 'back stories' and thoughts, and to see their appreciation of nature and having completed such huge challenges in the wild. 


Oh! Nearly forgot. Finally I've gone through through a whole day without my head and face hurting. Hooray! A major key, I believe, is leaving the air-conditioner off most of the night and much of the day. 

Fortunately, we're having the cooler August I prayed for so it's not been bad in here, but humid, though. Now, humidity makes me drowsy and lazy, but as I told Tom I'll choose drowsy and lazy over head-and-face-achy anyday.  

Thanks so much for your prayers!


If you enjoy free Kindle books, you may want to return to my last post and check the list there. I added quite a few books this morning, some by Grace Livingston Hill.


Terra said...

You found a treasure trove of children's books and the herb book too. That would make me smile for sure.

Judith Donahue said...

maybe you'll come across a dehumidifier at a sale. If you ever get lucky enough to find a first edition The Boxcar Children pick it up and I'll wire you the money to cover it. Maybe I should look on Amazon. I can still see the copy that was on a shelf of books under the window looking out to the woods in the one room school house I went to in New Preston Ct. 1947. Well it was 4 rooms counting the kitchen lunch room. IT gets smaller the older I get. Climbing through old houses is the way I hope to go out.

Debra said...

Terra--yes! I'm glad you understand my happiness. I enjoyed reading two of the books already this weekend. :)

Oh Judy! It's been years. How fun that you still read here sometimes. I do extend my condolences to you about Roger--I'll always fondly remember your stories of falling in love with him. My best wishes to you in this new phase of your life.

Did you mean a first edition of the very first Boxcar Children book? If so, I'll definitely keep my eyes open. I still enjoy reading the early books of that series, the ones with the original author. I think I have 5 or 6.

Oh, and actually, it's the humidity that keeps me from getting dry air sinusitis so that's what I meant about having to make a choice between feeling lazy (due to humidity) or achy (due to dry air). But so far it's been a great trade off--feels great to have my head feel normal!

I adored the last sentence of your comment--your way with words has always delighted and inspired me!

Thanks, Ladies! Blessings, Debra

Tracy Lee said...

I enjoy vintage kid lit also. They are so charming and sweet. :)